Chryis' Revenge

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So this part is Chryis' revenge but Im not putting the same thing on the last part with him talking on this part and Chryis is now 16. But still, enjoy.

Chryis' P.O.V

So its been 7 months nd I still aint find they asses!! Im not in LA no more. Im in San Francisco still lookin 4 MWGSW. Oh nd 1 more thing, I no theyre in San Francisco cuz dis is Roc's fave place 2 go 2. Yes, I no everything about him nd Kalianna. But I dont no which part they in but let me call my nigga Rodney cuz he no everything bout San Francisco.

Phone Convo:

Rodney- *Piccks up after 2 rings* Wassup my nigga!!

Me- Nun much. I need u 2 find where Kalianna Lopez nd Chresanto August live at.

Rodney- U talkin bout dat dude wit d low haircut wit blond in it??

Me- Yea.

Rodney- 2750 Magnolia St.

Me- Thankx my nigga!

Rodney- No problem dawg. *hangs up*

So I went 2 d place nd I knocked on d door. Kalianna came 2 d door.

Kalianna- Wat d hell u doin here?!

Me- 2 see my bby. *Starts gettin close 2 her.*

Kali- *Backs up 2 d wall* Wat do u want from me?!!

Me- I want u bby. *Starts kissing her neck*

Kali- *Pushes him off of her nd runs 2 out d door*

Me- *Grabs her nd locks everything*

Kali- *Screams* Leave me alone!! Help me!!!!

Me- Shut up, u b***h!!*slaps her*

Roc-*Unlocks d door* Hey honey, Im h- CHRYIS?!!

Me- Well, well, well. If it isnt Chresanto or as my bby calls u, Roc Royal!!

Roc- 1 its Roc 2 u, 2 shes mine nd 3 wat d hell ur doin here??!!

Me- 2 get my revenge 4 my mother's death nd taking Kali away from me!!

Roc- Well ur not gettin ur revenge cuz u r under arrest!! *Points gun at him*

Me-*Pulls gun out nd points it at Roc* Oh really?!!!


Who do you think got shot?

Was it.........

1) Roc?


2) Chryis?

Comment 1 for Roc and 2 for Chryis.

Oh and do you think it was actually Chryis' revenge??







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