Cameron dirty imagine

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It was a Saturday night and you had nothing to do. You're parents were out on vacation and won't be home till Wednesday.

You called your best friend (y/f/n) but she was busy. A few minutes later you get a text from your boyfriend, Cameron.


{text between you and Cameron}

Cameron: Hey babe(: wanna hang out?

•of course you wanted to hang out, but your parents would DEFIANTLY not let that happen while they were away on vacation. •

You: Can't): parents are out on vacation...

Cameron: Come on! They'll never know(;

You: Fine!

Cameron: Yay :* on my way!

You: okay love, bring movies!(:

{end of text}


You ran to your room to fix yourself up a bit and 10 minutes later you hear the door bell ring.

You go to open the door and greet Cameron with a big kiss.

"So what movies did you bring?" You asked. "Just a couple action movies." Cameron replies. You roll your eyes. "What?" He laughs "I figured we wouldn't be doing much watching.."

You smile and peck his cheek but before you can pull away, he kisses your lips than begins to kiss your neck.

Cameron begins to lift up your shirt when an alarm goes off.

Just the fire alarm.

"Oh shit!" You blurt.

"I guess things were getting to hot" Cameron winks.

"I forgot I was making dinner before you texted me" you respond.

"Well, what's cookin good lookin?" Cameron jokes.

"Quit playing around and help me" you laugh.

You rush to get the now burnt pizza rolls out of the oven. Cameron turns off the alarm and walks over to you. A long sigh comes out of your mouth.

"Man, I sure was hungry." Cameron comments, "perhaps I can have something else to eat." He than slips his hand down your pants.

This was the first time cameron had touched you down there, anyone for that matter. You liked it...but...the guilt got in the way. You were already braking

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