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I'm having a internal battle in myself when I look back and forth between Peyton and Tony. Peyton has had way too much to drink by the smell that's leaking off his lips and by the way Tony is downing the drink in his hand, he won't be much far behind. Before we got here Tony mentioned he wouldn't drink considering he had a class early morning just like I did, but I guess that might change now.

I'm not sure on how Peyton would act if I would have went with Tony to go play pool so I kept my mouth shut even though, this little teenage fest is really getting to me. I have never once seen Peyton smoke weed before and it blew my mind how easy it came to him to, and it only makes me wonder if he has done this before. He has expressed his thoughts and opinions on this and other drugs but I'm guessing I got it all wrong.

"Um. I'm going to the bathroom." I say softly and I see Lyla's head poke up from the cellphone that was just clung to her hands. Peyton and Tony both break their stares from each other and look at me but I ignore them and lift myself from the bar stool and watch Lyla walk over towards me.

"I'll go with." She smiles at me and starts walking and I follow shortly after her. I don't know this house what so ever and I'm glad she volunteered or else with the alcohol running through my system I might have gotten lost and ended up somewhere I'd rather not.

The bathroom is quiet and no one is in here and I would have thought there would be at least one couple in here trying to get their love going on. Or a one night stand, but I guess not.

"I can tell you feel awkward." She blushes and looks at herself in the mirror. I stare at her features and notice she's really pretty and that Ethan and her make a really beautiful couple. Her long blonde hair is between wavy and curly, and looks really good on her. If her eyes weren't red and hazy, I could say her blue eyes would be pretty too but I'll save that comment for later.

"I do feel awkward." I admit and feel myself blush. I place my hands on the bathroom sink and feel the coldness from the metal on my warm skin. I don't want to drink anymore but if Tony is still out there with Peyton, I might need more than these two drinks I've already consumed.

"Does Peyton usually act like this when he's had a few drinks? Because he is in a pissing contest with whoever that other guy is." She pulls out her makeup from her bag and sets it on the counter next to me and starts to aply more on her face as I give her a bit more information.

"Tony is just a friend I met this school year and Peyton and I have been together for six months now and I haven't seen him drunk or stoned." I sigh and continue to watch her.

"Really? He seemed like a natrual." She throws everything back into her bag besides the dark purple lipstick that is glued to her hand.

"He's drinked before and I've known he's tried smoking but I didn't think he was this..." I trail off and roll my eyes at the realization when I think back to our picnic date. I now know why he was so damn hungry, he had the munchies.

"Didn't think he was doing it more than you knew?" She laughs and puts on a second coat of the dark lipstick and pops her lips and checks if it's all lined up.

"Exactly." I laugh and head for the bathroom door as I hear her feet right behind me.

"Thanks for coming with me." I smile and open up the door for her and watch her strut out the door as if she was on a model run a way but it doesn't last long when she almost trips over nothing, but her own two feet.

"There you are." Peyton sneaks his arm around me and presses his lips to mine but makes the kiss longer than I expected. The affection is nice and I find myself enjoying the kiss way more than I thought I would have. I can taste a mixture of the bitter alcohol mix and a taste that's always been there and just indescribable, his own.

"I'm about to go, babe. I have a class early in the morning." I whisper just loud enough for us to hear and he gives me a look that says he doesn't care.

"Stay." He pleads and brings my standing body inbetween his legs as he sits up high on the bar stool.

"I have a early class." I peck his lips and watch Tony as he disappears into the crowd once more and I am stuck with Peyton's hand around my back and his wet lips pressed against my ear.

"But, I haven't had my way with you in a long time." He kisses below my ear and moves his hand down more onto my backside and presses it against himself more.

If he wasn't drunk and stoned, I would have definitely brought him back to his car and had my way, but I wouldn't dare take advantage of him at this stage. Even though I know he probably wouldn't mind, but I also just don't feel like dealing with a drunk and possibly a drunken boner.

"Goodnight, Peyton." I peck his lips one more time and break from his grasp and start walking towards what I am thinking is the exit. I make my way through the bodies and even step on a few toes and but I feel a cool breeze hitting my body and I know it's a good sign. When I look behind me I only see bodies sawying from side to side not Peyton coming after me.

"Thank god." I say underneath my breath when I see the door in front of me, and make my way out of here. I see a couple sitting down on the porch and the sight isn't so pretty when I get closer and the porch light is shinning right down on them.

"No." I groan and forget that I didn't drive here myself and Peyton is way too drunk to even attempt to drive me back to my dorm room. I could go back and ask Lyla if she would mind driving me, but she's just as in bad shape as Peyton is. The cold air against my warm skin makes me feel tingly and I head over to the street looking down both paths seeing if I know my way out of here.

"Need a ride?" I jump out of fear but quickly realize it's just Tony and I feel the fear leaving my body but suddendly being filled up with relief that he's still here and is offering me a drive back.

"Are you sure you're able to drive?" I question him but he starts walking over to where his car is parked and I can tell he isn't in the best mood but I will try and push that aside and focus on getting home before it's way too late.

"I'm fine, get in." Tony orders and I am taken back but I do what he says and hop in and wait for him to start up the car so I can put on the heat.

"Remember how to get out of here?" I laugh but it fails when Tony smile isn't on his face like it usually is.

When we reach up the street, I want to say something to him but theres nothing to really say. I'm not good at making people happy or cheering them up. I don't even know what's wrong with him and that just makes it even more harder than it originally was.

"You are suppose to take a right." I sigh in frustration, thinking about our trip here and how we got lost and ended up being late.

"I'm hungry." He mumbles and turns up the music on his car and takes a left heading out of the campus and onto the main highway.

"It's almost 2 am, Tony."

"iHop is open." He says and finally looks at me. I feel a bit better knowing he might be getting over the little funk he was in. I think to what could have put him in a bad mood but nothing comes to mind. Maybe he's just a downer when he's been drinking.

"Fine." I say and smile at him, and he finally smiles at me and it makes all the tension leave the car and it's finally back to the way it's been the past week and a half.

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