chapter 14

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Annas point of view

"I love you i whisper." 

i start to walk away and i thought i heard a faint whisper. I look back.

"I love you too." cam barley speaks.

then his eyes open. oh thank god. i start crying. Happy tears of course. i grab his hand and kiss his face all over.

"Its great to see you."

"silly i just saw yo a couple hours ago, but im glad you are alive." i say back.

i go get the doctor.

"Oh! great to see you awake.. but i have some news."

cameron looks concerned. I sit down and grab his hand.

"That girl..."

"Jessica." cameron answers.

"Well she didn't make it... but her baby did."

"Baby?" i ask. 

cameron looks shocked.

"In fact, the baby is yours cameron."

"Oh my god.." he says

"But it was born extremely premature and has a little chance of survival."

"Cameron?" i ask

oh my god he whispers.

"I want to see my baby" cameron says.

"well the baby cant be moved." he says "BUT... you can!" 

me and cam still cant beleive this.

"Here is a wheelchair, Anna you can take him, i will have the nurse show you where the baby is."

Camerons point of view 

baby? MINE? no way, it can't be. Im barley 17 i can't be a father. I sit in the wheelchair while Anna rolls me down the hospital hallway. We go into a little room with the baby. 

"Its so little." anna gasps.

"Its a girl by the way." the nurse says leaving the room.

A little girl. MY little girl. 

"She is so beautiful." I say

i look at anna. she is amazed. I am just flat out shocked. I wish Jessica could be here to see our baby. Looking at the baby i see Jessica but no doubt its my kid, it really does look like me already.

"Cameron?" anna asks snapping me out of my thoughts.

"What the hell are we gonna do with a baby?" she asks laughing.

"my mom is gonna be so mad." I answer laughing.

the nurse walks n

"Oh by the way, what do you want to name this little one?"

"Jessica?" anna looks at me.

"Perfect." i answer.

"Ok! jessica it is!" then the nurse leaves.

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