He's my only saviour. Living in a stateless zone, searching for an answer everywhere he goes. He's my only saviour... standing in a stateless zone waiting for the answer frozen to the answer, frozen to the phone.

Lyeitan slowly woke up from her amazingly lovely dream about Maverik. She smiled snuggling into the warm body she was half laying on, she felt warm, filled and happy. When she finally woke up she realised why she felt so filled, he was inside of her "Holy shit.." She scrambles off him and pushes Mav away. He quickly wakes up when he gets shoved.

"What's wrong!?" He says as he looks around for danger.

"You!" She shouts.

"What about me?" Maverik asks confused as to what he's done

"You and your dick that's what!"

"I still don't understand, what's happened?"

"You tell me, your the one who had obviously spent the night in me"

Oh crap... "I didn't mean to"

"What are we going to do, how do we know....how do we know if... If I'm not with child with you.. also"

Maverik sighs "I'll take you to my grams, she'll know princess, come here" He pulls her back to him and hugs her tightly "Everything is going to be okay, I'm going to be right here by your side"

"Mav you know why we can't have children, what's going to happen"

"I don't know Leya, I really don't" He strokes her hair. They stayed like that for about ten minutes.

Lyeitan sniffled and moved away "we need to keep searching" She grabs her clothes which were on the shore and weren't wet and put them on. She then walked away, soon followed by Maverik. A few tears roll down her face, she was now scared, not for her child or kingdom but for Maverik and her life.

"Hey, baby" Mav pulls her back to him. She puts her arms around him and lets herself cry. Maverik smooths her hair and whispers sweet nothings in her ear. Her tears eventually die down and she falls silent keeping her arms around him. "You alright now Leya?" She sniffles and nods, taking his hand and keeping close to him she carries on walking.

"If I could be with you.. I would Mav"

"I know darling, I know"

They come across more patches of blood. Though this time it smelt more fresh, she frowned and followed the pathway of blood to a small clearing. "It's about time you've gotten here" A Familiar husky deep voice said.

"Show yourself!" She calls. And to her disbelief her Uncle Maliki steps out from behind a tree. She gasps, surprised but most of all, feeling hurt and betrayed. Then, anger. "How could you uncle?"

"It's easy, I wanted power and I got hers, delightful little daughter you had there by the way"

Lyeitan growls deeply and makes a run for him. But no sooner had she growled he had disappeared. Just disappeared into thin air.

"I'll kill that man when I see him"

"I know, we both will"

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