hidden faces.

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there are things in her that no one has ever seen.

On the outside, she is an angel. sweet, kind, caring.

she is pure, thoughtful. but that is just a face.

On the inside, though, is her true self. the devil.

scary, demented, some may call her psychotic. only some may see this side. those she truly trusts. and those she truly hates. but alas, that trust is a fake trust. for deep inside, is the core of her being. beaten, hurt, scared. she wants to die, to make it all end, yet her other two won't let her. thus she is forced to live in pure suffering. no one is allowed to see this side. not even her best friend, the one she can tell anything to, and trust. not even he may see those scars. the scars she hides deep down. frightened. impossible to reach.

her heart, the same. the inner, true heart, for so long has been buried away. protected. an impenetrable fortress. lined with barbed wire, bombs, anything to protect her heart. so she put on another layer. but again, that layer had been broken. armed less, but still tough to breach. and it added another part. bright red...fake. scars littering it. yet all these layers still have voices. the inner layer is scared. it says, "no. please. I can't take anymore. no one is allowed to see. no one..." it is lonely. the second, is different. "please don't hurt me anymore. I don't want this. so I'll kill them. all those damned emotions. no one cares, so why should I?" it laughs. but the outer layer, is opposite all of them. "maybe....maybe next time.....it will be different. maybe next time....it won't hurt so much..." it cries. but deep deep down, beyond all the layers, is a little flame. beneath the impenetrable fort of pain, loss, hurt, sadness. it screams. "let me out. please let me out." it begs. only one person has ever been able to pierce the first two layers. yet nothing will break through the last. it will forever be frozen. hidden. lost.

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