Chapter 8

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One side different

One side is the same

Other can not connect

Chapter 8

Opposite Side Of The World

Normal POV

  As you all know, the story of a poor cat that have to hide her identity as a red rabbit, she have a twin sister that lost her a long time ago, they both got separated, there parents died. One day, they found each other again and finally found each other. The girl was finally happy. But today, we are not going to talk about that story, let’s go onto the other side of this world…

Koko’s POV

   “Common Koko! Get down here! You’ll be late for the fucking school!” , that was my brother who live in the same house as me, he is a son of a b*tch. “I F*CKING HEARD YOU!”. My name is Koko, I am 14 years old, I learn in quite of a small school in a big city though that school is really popular, seeing the small appearance but the inside of it is huge and it have everything in it. As I dash downstairs, my brother keep nagging me all over and over again, it was so annoying and yet he do that everyday. I got out of my house, everyday is just bull sh*t for me, until one day…

  That day was the day I met one of the famous kid, I hate them cuz they are always so arrogant but that person is different… he is… what? You don’t want me to like a male? You unfair little piece of sh*t. Anyway, he is a son of a person who created the school. He is kind and sweet, I bumped to him, he just help me up and pick my stuff up. “Are you alright? I am so sorry, I wan’t looking and I bumped into you. Gommen!” – he said, that was the only time I got nervous looking at someone: “I…it’s fine its fine, I don’t really mind… er… BYE!” then I ran away. To think about it, I was an idiot back then. After that time, everytime I met him, I keep got really nervous and just ran away.

  Everyone know me as a big confident bully, my family is broken, my mom and dad broke up, they leave me and my brother all my ourselves, we have to take care of ourselves like that. We don’t hate each other nor like each other.

  Let’s get back to my parent life. One day, that boy come to me, I was kinda shocked that he moved to my class and he come to me. “Can I sit here?” – he said with an innocent smile. My classmate which the one sits next to me was standing next to him. I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows: “ah yea sure, why not?”. The classmate was pissed: “Koko! Come here with me a little!”, he turn his face at me, he look really excited for some reason: “Your name is Koko?! Nice to meet you! My name is Ria~!”, I ignore my classmate who was shouting my name to get my attention, the teacher walked in. “Okay lass, today we are…” . “TEACHER! HE STOLE MY SIT!” – the classmate that sit next to me yelled to the teacher. Ria look at the teacher with a huge sparkle crying eyes and say: “But Koko-kun allowed me! He is the only one I know in this class Q AQ Please dun make meh feel lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. He was yelling and crying and everything, he look rather… cute. In the end, he won, he gets to sit next to me. I wonder why he I so determinate on sitting next to me but I don’t really care. Though the one sitting next to me was one of my bros so he was rather mad at me for ditching him all of a sudden cuz of a stranger like that. At play time, he called me out to the canteen: “You are such a d*ick! How could you ditch a best bro of yours out of thin air like that?! Who is that kid? You brother? Cousin?” – he asked, “They aren’t that cute” – I replied without thinking. He look at me with a weird look: “Dude… You’re gay?. “WTF ARE YOU SAYING?!” I yelled. He tried to calm me down and say: “Don’t be so piss man, it’s not bad to be gay~ though do you got your interest in men or only him?” – he asked. “SHUT UP ALREADY YOU FREAK! I’M OUTTA HERE!” – I was quite pissed so I said that and walked away. I don’t like to head home since there is nothing to do there so I just walking and I caught him in my sight, I was thinking of change my direction. “KOKO-SENPAI~” , “senpai?” – I asked myself as he ran to me. “Chu aren’t home? – he asked while tilt his head cutely. “Hold on, why are you calling me ‘senpai’?”, he giggled: “I am 13~”. I frozed for a moment then I realize one thing and ask him immediately: “Wait, but we are in the same class!”, he titled his head: “is that so much of a problem?~”. Oh gosh, what is with this boy? He is so weird.. Oh well, his family owns this school anyway so he rules it. “Koko-senpai~”, he called my name while we were walking to no where, I look at him: “hm?”, “I overheard chu said chu like me”. I was drinking  my water and as he asked, I spit my water out of my mouth. “Who did you heard it from?!”. “I told chu, I overheard chu”- he answered casually. I sweat a lot: “Eh… er… i…” , he asked me again: “When did chu like me?” . “i…i..”, “why do chu like me?”, ‘er… um… i…”, “why do chu like me?” , “OH GOD DAMMIT! I JUST LIKE YOU KAY?!, then I pushed him into a small and dark house. “W…what are chu doing?”. I chuckled and smirked: “You aren’t fighting back with a person on top of you? They can do something you hate”, he smiled: “Chu won’t. I like chu too. I like everything chu do. I ahave always admired chu in the bravery you have, the strength you have, You always attend every sport competition and brought back big honor to us, plush you have good appearance and you are so easy to talk to, or at least to me…” then he hugged and kissed me. My first kiss and compliment was taken and given by a famous cute boy in school. I was shocked but then I hugged and kissed him back. And we spend the night in the small house.

  The next day was kinda.. bad… I forgot to do my homework, everyone scolding , me for being missing whole last night, I got detention and missed my P.E class and my P.E teacher was looking at me as he wanted to eat me. At the end of the day, Ria ran to me: “I’m sowwie!!! It’s my fault chu got in this mess! I am so sowwie!! Q AQ” , I shook my head: “No, it’s fine”. Then I saw a person with green mixed blue haired, I asked him: “Who is that?”, I come closer to that person. That person kinda walk backward as I come nearer, I sayid: “it’s fine girl, I’m not going to hurt you”. “Actually, he is a boy” – Ria said. “WTF?!”. Ria giggled while the other one still kinda scared. “This is my brother Inna c: Mom was looking forward for a girl so he ended up like that~”, “wait, then why are you a cat and he is a plant related thing?” – I asked. Ria answered: “My dad is a plant replated thing, mom is a cat, he got dad’s blood mostly, I am mostly dad’s blood”. “ah, okay” so yea, now I have to stick to these weirdos… though I don’t dislike them ,they are sometimes annoying or he Is sometimes annoying, Inna just never say anything. So my day ended there, hope tomorrow won’t be too bad…

Be hated

Be loved

Be warmed

Be happy

To Be Continue…

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