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Pen Your Pride


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(Chapter 1)

With the camotion going on the school lacrosse field,  Coach Finstock stood up from the sidelines and yells out "Stilinski get the damn ball and run it!" thats when  stiles runs and scoops up the ball and runs down the field and goes to swing for the point when a rather large player from the opposite team runs him down blocking the swing and knocks stiles to the ground and stiles moans and rolls over and grabs his side and screams out to the bigger player they call brick "what the hell dude?! Its a damn game!" brick laughs and taunts to stiles and says "awe did the little baby get hurt? why dont take your dogs that follow behind you and go play in your sandbox. " shocked stiles looked at brick and yells back "who the hell are you calling a dog! you piece of shit!"  everyone is watching the two arguing about the game.  They couldn't believe stiles was standing up to this big guy and wondering what is going on." when the ball is served and stiles is tackled again when brick walks up to stand above stiles proned body on the ground and says sneeringly " stay down mut before I put you and your team down like the filthy dogs you are. the worthless mut you all are."  laughing evilly stiles blinks and suddenly gets up as brick turns to walk away when stiles yanks off his helmet and throws it down and runs and spears brick in his lower back clipping him and making him fall to the ground and then stiles yanks off bricks helmet and started punching his face and pounding into him making brick struggle to get control but is unable to, stiles is beating the shit out of brick. the biggest guy on the field when everyone runs over trying to get them apart when they hear stiles yell out at brick as he beating him unmercifully "don't ever threaten my pups againg you son of a fucking bitch! stay the hell away from them!" stunned derek looked at chris Argent and chris shrugged saying "what the hell?"  when scott tries to holler at stiles to get him off as he pulls at stiles when derek runs on to the field when derek growled and pulls stiles back as hes met with resistance and stiles punching brick that now has a broken jaw and 4 broken ribs when derek yells with his alphas voice "stiles!" stunned everyone backed away when stiles stops and turned to look up at derek and he has a evil tone to his features as he released bricks bloody body and stands on wobbly legs and walks up to derek and stands looking him in the eyes and mad his own grunting type of growl and walked off the field into rhe woods behind the school that lead into the reserve.  everyone stood around and looked at each other as brick was carried off the field on a stretcher and put into an ambulance, when john asked

(Chapter 2)

"What the hell just happened to my son?"  issac stepped forward and says " It was brick, he kept threatening stiles and our team and calling us abunch of muts and filthy dogs and telling stiles hes going to put us all down then do him after he has to watch us go down. he kept pushing stiles and purposely go for him when stile lost it and yelled out stay away from my pups, he then gave brick a beating." derek nodds and says" yeah, and his eyes weren't the same. he was different and he almost growled at me and just walked away." scott said "we need to go find him. he went towards the reserve. " chris then says "yes but no one got to stop but when derek yelled he did . Maybe he responded to derek as the alpha since technically stiles is part of the pack. maybe derek should go look for him."  derek nodded and says " I'll find him and when I can get him calmed down enough to come back ill bring him." jackson then walks up and hands derek stiles gym bag with his stuff in it. " thats stiles change of clothes and personal things if you find him he'll  need to change. " stunnded at jackson derek nodded and headed into the woods the way stiles was  headed. soon as he picked up stiles scent derek finally found stiles in his old family house near the reserve.  derek walked up the steps when he heard stiles yelling out "Go away scott, I want to be alone. go home." derek smiles and says"its not scott. its me and I brought you your things and some food." stiles  stops and stands and says "well, well. old sourwolf himself.  the almighty Alpha.  come here to push your weight around like usual maybe throw me into a wall. no I know maybe the door. what is it this time derek hale?" derek growled at stiles and says "I only came to make sure your ok and not hurt. if you want to come home ill take you." shocked stiles ducked his head and laughs softly telling derek "why derek,  your actually worried about someone else besides yourself and a pack member at that. tell me derek (as stiles turns and with a wicked smile on his face he walks towards derek and stands so close to his face and says) tell me derek , my  big old sourwolf. want to make sure im not hurt. funny, since your the one always slamming my body into things and growling at me. so big guy tell me, you want to do something for me really....well tell me if I let you take me....home that is, what do I get out of this. I mean besides bruises and a big .....headache. "  stunned derek looked down at stiles and says softly looking in stiles honey color eyes and says hoarsely whispered"what do you want stiles? "

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