Ch. 8 - Connection

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"Were here to file a missing person's report, again." Said Niall, leaning on the counter in front of the police lady at the front-desk.

"How long has she/he been missing, and what's her/his name?" She asked, taking a packet of papers out.

"She's been missing since last night when she said she'd be right back, and her name is Danielle Walker." Louis answered. The police lady nodded, and wrote down all the information they had on Dani.

"Anything else you know?" The police lady asked them. They nodded.

"Yeah. Her full name is Danielle Markette Walker, She's age 19, works at starbucks and has brunette hair with grey-blue eyes. Also Her height is 5'4. " Louis replied.


They parked outside Danielle's house, the boys getting out and walking up to the front of the house. There was a guy talking to someone that looked like to be about her mother. The guy and adult noticed the boys walking up the driveway.

"How may I help you?" Her mother asked, looking at the boys.

"Well, is Danielle's mother home?" Louis asked hesitantly. The boy who was talking to her mother looked at them.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Were Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall." Louis answered the boy. "you?"

"I'm Evan, Danielle's boyfriend." The boy answered, They nodded and waited for the mother to answer.

"Yes, this is her. Everyone come in." She said, smiling politely at them. Everyone walked inside, and into the living room. Everyone sat on the couch, fiddling with their fingers.

"We hate to tell you this, but your daughter.." Louis croaked, trailing off without finishing.

"What did she do now?" Laughed her mother.

"We were at your place for the party last night.. Were friends with Danielle and last ni-night she was kidnapped.." Louis finished shakily. Ethan, her mom and her sister who was now sitting next to the mom, gasped.

"We filed out a missing persons report, I think she was kidnapped by the same person who kidnapped my best-friend, Harry." Louis whispered.

"I'm so sorry.." Her mom whispered back.


Eleanor laid on her temporary bed as she read a book, listening to music on her radio. She didn't want to go to the police station with the boys, so they left her home much to their dismay. They didn't want Eleanor getting kidnapped but she assured them that she'd be fine. She heard a knock at the door, so she put the book down and walked downstairs. She looked through the peep-hole to see a girl with long blonde hair. She opened the door and was greeted by Whitney.

"Hey.." she smiled sadly at the girl before her.

"Hey El." She smiled back, Eleanor opening the door wider moving to the side so she could walk through.

"How are you?" Eleanor asked Whitney as they walked upstairs.

"I'm okay, yourself?" She asked hesitantly.

"I've been better." It's true, Eleanor has been better. Better when Harry was here, and She was dating Louis. Whitney nodded understandingly, sitting on the edge of Eleanor's bed. Eleanor grabbed her book and put it away, sitting on the bed next to Whitney. The music was still softly playing the song Dark horse by Katy Perry. Eleanor laid her head back on the head board, closing her eyes and sighing.

"What's up?" Eleanor opened her eyes, and smiled at Whitney.

"I was just reading, and listening to music before you came." Eleanor laughed softly, looking over at Whitney. Whitney nodded, and they both heard the door opening. They looked at each-other before going down stairs quietly. They went into the kitchen to see the boys sitting at the counter.

"Hey guys." Eleanor and Whitney greeted, as they walked in the kitchen. The boys mumbled a small 'hey' back, rummaging through the fridge.

"Hungry?" laughed Eleanor. They all nodded, and took out the apple juice they had. Niall pouring 6 glasses, giving each of them to the boys, Eleanor and Whitney.

"Thanks." Everyone said, taking a sip of their drink. Niall nodded, and sat back down.


"Tell me about yourself Harry." Danielle said sweetly, looking over at me. I nodded, and thought of what to say.

"Well, My full name is Harry Edward Styles. I'm in the biggest boy band ever, named One Direction. I'm 19 years old. (It's 2013 right now.) My birthday is February 1st, I'm single.. My favorite color is Orange.. I have one sister, Gemma." Harry smiled at the thought of his sister, Gemma. Gem was the one who under standed Harry the most. He missed her so much.

"Tell me about yourself Dani." Harry smiled widely at her.

"Well, My full name is Danielle Markette Walker. I'm 19 years old and my birthday is September 13th, I'm 5'4".. I'm dating a boy named Evan, I live with my mom and sister.. I have a kitten, and I work at Starbucks. I'm a volunteer worker at the animal shelter and my favorite color is Black green. I've always wanted to go skydiving." Danielle finished softly, moving un-noticeably closer to Harry. Harry felt a connection with Danielle. He felt like he knew Danielle from some-wheres. She seemed familiar to him but that was just because he had a connection with her. Harry admits he was attracted towards her and was jealous to find out she has a boyfriend.

"Woe. I feel like I've known you for years!" Laughed Harry, Danielle giggled softly at Harry's remark.

"Yeah, I feel a connection towards you.." Danielle whispered, making Harry's eyes go wide.

"Me too!" Exclaimed Harry.

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