Ugh what's that noise? Ahh my head. I shouldn't have drank so much last night.

 I sat up slowly with a spinning head. That's what happens when you stay out so late drinking everything and anything random guys give you at the bar. I looked around. I have no clue where I am. Oh no. What's that snoring. I turn my pounding head round slowly. There's a guy. He's naked. I slowly look down at my body. I'm naked. Oh no, not again. Nikki is going to kill me.  Nikki is my room mate and best friend since primary school. She always tells me getting drinks from guys is okay but not to go home with them. You see I have a strong reputation for doing this kind of thing. Buy me a drink I am most likely to go home with you. I promised her I would stop going home with every guy that buys me a drink. Fuck. 

I slowly and quietly get out of the strangers bed and gather my clothes. I carefully put them back on which is just a short black dress which doesn't cover much. Uggggh I need to walk home. There is no way in hell Nikki would pick me up. Wheres my phone. I search my bag that I found on the dresser and find it. Who can I phone to come get me, there is no way I can walk in this dress and these heels. I KNOW I'll phone Deedee. I met Deedee through Nikki as she met her when she had to go to cookery school before they decided to join me in becoming a pornstar. That's how i met Lexx, Hugh and Humpy. Oh how Humpy has a ridiculous name. How did he get that name you ask? Yeah it's a nickname. When he's drunk or well just randomly he humps everything. Yeah you wondered. Shame on you. I phone Deedee and she picks up. 


"Heeeeey Dee"

"Oh god. Where did you end up this time?" Ugh I don't need this right now.

"*sigh* uuuuh I don't know. Wait there's mail I'll read the address to you now. Okay have you got it? Can you come get me please?"

"Yeah sure. Nikki's going to kill you though. You do know that right?"

"Argh yes I do. Just please hurry."

"Alright on my way."

Oh thank god. Now I just need to think of a plan to make Nikki forgive me for this. Ugh. 

Deedee finally turns up and I hurridly get into the car. I don't say anything and look down at my knees. She just looks at me and laughs. So I glare at her. "Just. Don't. Say. Anything." I say through gritted teeth. The drive home was mainly silent with the odd giggle from Deedee. Then we finally get back to my apartment and that's where I began feeling a clenching feeling in my stomach. She is going to kill me. Deedee just laughs "Have fuuuuuun." She says. Yeah right. Fun.

I slowly walk in the door. And Of course I'm greeted with the lovely anger striken face of my best friend. Oh god this won't end well. 

Cara's dress is in the side picture

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