Chapter 8 Another Side to the Story

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With both feet firmly planted back on the ground and back in my temporary room, I do some research of my own regarding Chelsea’s blackmailer. I pull out my laptop tablet duo. I log into a couple celebs only websites. Then when I come up empty, I log into a couple of public online celeb chat sites. That’s when I find two people talking about a recent news article about Chelsea. I quickly jump on her fan page on Facebook and look at the chain of messages. They’d attached a link for an article. I click it and it opens up to a Hollywood Viewer article dated a year ago about Sarah Rogers, former actress who went missing the year before. She and Chelsea were on a TV series together, best friends on and off set. She, Sarah, went missing during a film shoot for a movie she and Chelsea were staring in, the last one that Chelsea worked on before she quit. The writers had to rewrite the whole rest of the movie killing off Sarah’s lead roll. I continue to skim the article and everything clicks into place. Chelsea must have tried already to get help from Sarah. Sarah then went missing as a result.

“Yeah, I have to fix dinner for the boys, but can I meet you there later? Around 630?” Chelsea’s voice sounds right outside the door.

“Sounds great. I’ve got dinner for the night.” Austin’s voice answers, “I'll see you in a bit.”

“See ya.” She answers opening and closing a door. Austin’s footsteps grow softer. Chelsea closes another door. I head into the bathroom door and knock.

“Chelsea, can I come in?” I ask through the door.

“Hold on!” she calls back. She opens the door a crack a few minutes later and I walk in. “What’s up?” she asks sitting with her back to me at a desk with her laptop. She pivots her chair, “Fan mail, you know how it is. What can I do for you?”

“Did you ever talk to anyone about the letters before me and Austin?” I ask willing her to tell me the truth about what she did.

“Sarah, the officer on set, and Mini. That’s Sarah and my cat from Mist of Dreams. Mini’s still in LA with Sarah’s parents. I knew Sarah’s parents would take care of her since Sarah loved her so much.” Chelsea’s eyes flickered a moment with grief, “It was my fault she disappeared.” She whispers turning her back to me, “It was my fault.” Her fingers slowly start to click on the keyboard to answer her fan mail. “Sarah and I were supposed to go for a jog after we finished on the filming sight. My co-star and sort of boyfriend of the time, Zach Cameron, wanted to run lines for the next scene. I told Sarah I’d run with her later. Zach pulled me away from my best friend. I told her I’d run with her the next day. I asked her not to go out without me. I even offered to run with her in an hour or two after I finished running lines with Zach. She stormed out before I could do anything else. She went out on that jog alone. She never came back. For a while, I blamed Zach. But it was entirely my fault. I should’ve gone on the run. I should have run lines with Zach the next morning.” Her back still to me she keeps her eyes on her laptop her shoulders stiffen and I look over her shoulder to see what’s wrong.

Chels, if you want your friends to survive, you’ll tell no one else. I know you know. J” I read the letter silently along with her. She reads it and immediately deletes it the goes back and restores it putting it under the “J” folder.

“I can't lose Austin and Kelly like I lost Sarah.” Chelsea says, “You can’t tell Kelly, she’s our little CSI agent. She’ll try to figure it out. She can’t know I’m already at risk of losing Austin. I can't lose Kelly too.” she continues to answer emails and laughs at a few of them. She has one left but closes out of the site and shuts down the lap top. She heads out of the room.

“Where are you going?” I ask her.

“Downstairs to make dinner.” she answers, “I can't trust you men to work in the kitchen anymore. You boys can't even boil water.” With her hat hanging around her neck, she walks toward the door. “Come on Jase, you can chop up a loaf of bread.” She stops at the door frame. You can’t stay here and snoop around my bedroom.” I follow her out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. She quickly goes around the kitchen grabbing all kinds of things from just about everywhere. She sets everything down on the island and gets to work.

“What are you making?” I ask her as she measures everything.

“Chili and Chicken pot pies.” She answers, “Chili’s for you and my brother’s dinner and the pot pies are tomorrow’s lunch. We normally bring our lunches; last night’s disaster stopped that. If you do exactly what I tell you and we work together I'll make a chef out of you yet.”

We work together and after an hour or two of cooking the all food is on the table ready to eat. “That was fun.” I comment.

“Boys! Dinner!” Chelsea calls up with a smile, “I have to go.” She tells me, “Tell tem I'll be back around 630. I’m meeting Austin.” She slides the hat on her head and slips out the back door. I watch her until she disappears.

“Where’s Chels?” Seth asks walking in with John and David.

“She said she’s meeting Austin and she’d be back around 630.”

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