The battle

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“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m offering you the chance to join our clan. Think how unstoppable we would be if, we all, just, worked, together.” Lucian’s attention turned to Cole specifically. “And think of the chaos we can create with such a magnificent demon on our side, Cole.”

“All you want is Cole. He belongs to our clan, so you need us in order to get to him. Your tricks won’t work here anymore, my friend.” Demetri called across.

“Well then if you do not wish for peace, let us end this. This feud had been going on for far, far too long. Such a terrible shame”

“I agree, completely. What a shame it will be when I rip your heart out of your chest.” Sophia mocked “don’t you dare touch him you bi-!” Arielle screamed, stomping forward.

“Now, now Arielle, save your strength for the fight, my dearest.”  Lucian put his arm out and stopped her from coming any closer. What is he waiting for…

It went silent, everyone stared at each other, snarling or baring their teeth or hissing. I had to admit, I was scared, I had no idea how skilled these people were. I looked over at Cole, he was on all fours beside Demetri, guarding him like a dog, growling at the vampires that stood opposite. “Cole, kill them.” Demetri ordered, within a second Cole ran on all fours at great speed towards Lucian. He pounced at him, but Arielle got in the way. Cole pinned her to the ground, his jaws engulfed her right shoulder and tore it off, she cried out in pain as I watched the demon sling her arm away and go to attack the other. Lucian watched for a moment, but did nothing, he looked back to Demetri and sneered. “Lucian! Lucian help me!” Arielle cried “Emery, take care of it” he said, Emery nodded and went to punch Cole off of her, Arielle’s face looked shocked, her lover hadn’t helped her when she was being ravaged by a demon.

As soon as Emery turned around to help her, the others charged towards us, and everyone on my side did the same. I ran alongside them, trying to keep up but they are so, so much faster than I am. I reached one of them, the one that ran toward me (everyone seemed to have at least one person running directly to them, and them alone.) I didn’t recognise who it was who was running at me, but it was one of the men, Peter? Henry? I didn’t care, I didn’t have time to care. I raised my Kitana up in the air, ready to strike down. He clawed for my shoulder, but I spun around him and dodged his arm, in the process of turning I swung my blade down, chopping off his arm. I knew that most definitely could not be an easy repair, but I didn’t hesitate to carry out Clarice’s instructions. I grabbed the back of his shoulder and aimed to plunge my sword through his back, right where his heart would be. But he escaped my grasp and kicked back at me. I was knocked back a few feet, but my armour meant that I felt no pain whatsoever. I looked at the man, and he smirked, this only made me angrier. He was at a slight distance from me now. I thought up a technique I had learnt, distraction. I grabbed one of my shurikens and threw it at him, aiming for his arm. It hit and dug in his flesh. I used the short time I had when his attention wasn’t on me to run at him and stab him through his chest, but I missed his heart.

He stumbled back and he finally pulled the shuriken out of his shoulder, he was covered in black blood and wounds, wounds that did not show much sign of healing, but he wasn’t dead yet. I glanced over at the others, they were punching a blocking the rival clans attacks. I heard a loud scream followed by “Lucian!”  then I heard him say “I’m sorry, my dear, but if you cannot defeat the beast nor tame it, then I no longer have any use for you” he smirked. Her eyes said it all, betrayal, until she cried out in pain as Cole tore her heart from her chest, her eyes were now glazed over. Emery wasn’t there however; I looked around and saw her fighting Gabriella. Cole didn’t stop tearing Arielle apart, even though she was already dead. The beast seemed to enjoy just ripping off limbs and tearing out hearts.

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