Chapter 4: Broken Promises

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Brian P.O.V:

Me and Staci been gettin real close. I been spendin the night at her house most of the time.

Me and La-La aint on speakin terms no more ever since a week ago she was with Darren.

"Yo Ce-Ce Lil Boosie and Tom G gonna be at Club Skye tonight."

"Oh shit!!! Let's go!!!" She ran to her closet.

I shook my head and laughed. I got dressed in a black Mickey Mouse shirt with the middle fingers stickin up. Camo pants and my black and white 6 rings.

I wore a camo hat backwards to match. It had Kid Ink on the front and Cali on the back.

I wanted to call myself Kid Ink if I ever thought about rapping one day but ion think that's gonna happen.

So we up and left her house and hopped in my all white Lamborghini. We drove up there and walked straight in. I was cool with the bouncer.

We walked and the scent slapped me dead in the face. It smelled like 10 pounds of bounce dat ass in here. We made our way to the VIP section.

As we were walking I see La-La at the bar. I told Ce-Ce I will meet her on the dancefloor and went to the bar.

What can I say I can't stay away from my bestfriend. That's my day 1.

"Aye where yo man at lil mama???" I said in a seductive voice behind her.

She aint even look back at me. "Boy bye I aint in the mood." I could feel her roll her eyes.

"Look I was just trynna be nice but since you wanna be a lame..."

She turned around so quick once I said lame. "Brian what the fuck!!!" She wanted to be mad but I can see the smile creep on her face.

"You happy to see a nigga huh??? Come gimme some love." I open my arms to hug her.

She couldn't resist me and hugged me. "You gonna stop actin like a baser and be my bestfriend again???" She asked in my ear.

We let go and I shrugged. "If you done actin like a lame we can work something out." I mushed her face.

She punched my shoulder, "I'm serious Brian I miss you." She looked into my eyes.

"I guess. I aint the type of nigga to tell you that I miss you but I do miss you... or something like that." I joked.

She smiled, "You better miss me." We laughed.

We stopped laughing when we looked at the dancefloor. Staci and Darren was dancing on each other.

We walked toward them and dodging people trynna grab and dance with us. We finally reached them and yell at the same time.

"Yo what the fuck!?!?!?" We yell in unison.

They stop and stand in shock.

"Yo Ce-Ce since when you and Darren were fuckin with each other???" I ask.

La-La asked, "Since when did you care about this bitch???"

"Bitch???" Ce-Ce mocked her.

"Chill. We came together why???"

La-La gave me a death stare and left.

La'Daisha P.O.V:

"Chill. We came together why???" Brian answered.

I was too pissed to yell at him or fight that bitch.

I walked outside and Brian grabbed my arm. "Yo La-La what the fuck is wrong with you???"

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