Chapter 10: Steve's FIRE

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I was back at my half destroyed base, I still had a chest I grabbed soul sand and wither skelton heads.

I built the weither spawner and lead it to Herobrine.

The wither fought and fought but it managed to hurt Herobrine before it died. This is my chance I ran at Herobrine with an iron sword, and he hit me back to my house.

Steve found Notch in the End.

He explained to Notch what happened with Herobrine and stuff.


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Notch saw Herobrine they looked at each other. There was an awkward scilence. Then BOOM!

they were full on sword fighting both of them equally matched.

There was so much power it was collected into a giant purple (violet for those art peeps)ball around them. Then it burst it was like being sucked into a new dimension.....



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