Chapter 7

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 Was all alone

Was all sad

But not now

Since we have each other…

Chapter 7

Sister Of The Sea

Ari’s POV

  After they found out me and Momo were twins, they started to be more determined on my family (Yomi-nee, Akuma) to stay with Momo’s family (Mina, Robert, Ivy) which is the LEAST thing I want to do since I somehow got a bad first impression on Ivy and Robert so I don’t really feel comfortable being around those people.

  Then one day, my school opens a vacation trip for students to come to a beach, on that beach also hav a competition, whoever won have a really big prize: 10 million dollar in cash (common, is Gokin’s world, everything can happen =w=, don’t cha dare look at me with those suspicious eyes =w. The contest Is about water sports that can do on the beach. Everyone tells me to go there cuz even though I am a cat, I still know and good at water sports. Everyone dragged me to go to the beach and most of everyone in school drag me into the competition since you know, it will bring the big honor to the whole school if I won and a really big embarrassment to the whole school if I lose, so yea, no pressure they say.

  “Where is Momo and Ari?! They should be here by now!” , “Oh, the stupid male classmates are bragging again, common Momo, let’s get out” – I said. As we walked out, they was speechless. I were a white mini top that have one sleeves long and the other one short and a mini skirt, a pair of red gloves with a red rabbit hat that I used when I was young, only this hat is more red and longer; Momo wear a really small pink top and a mini pink skirt; We are both wearing our swimsuit As they keep staring at us, I got annoyed: “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS LOOKING AT?!”, they was like snapped awake, they shook their heads and pull my hand to the competition stage: “Common! It’s gonna to start soon! You need to go on stage to let people see your existence!” , “Gargh! This sh*t is just so annoying!” , “Okay, no more talking, let up there!” – he pushed me on stage “Alright, alright, stop pushing me you moron!”. As I reached the stage, everyone was looking at me in surprised, as I look around myself, only I am the female person standing on stage, to stand on stage, we actually went through a lot of stages already, guess I am the only girl standing. There were 5 people on stage, they all look like a wimp, I think I can wipe them off fast.

 In the first round of this race, we are going to “dive in the wave” and in another word : surfing. As I got my surfing board and swam into the water, I started to feel the existence of someone down there, I sit on my surfing board and stare at the water… “Ari! Do chur best out there neh~” , Momo’s voice from the real world brought me back, I turned at her, wave and yelled: “Alright” then I keep on swimming. Then the 5 of us paused to wait for the wave. A wave comes, everyone on land was all like: “There is the wave! Go for it!”. The 4 boys went ahead and catch the first wave, I chuckle to myself, this wave is so tiny! They are so not going to success what they aimed for and I was right, they failed. Hah! After that wave, it took a long time for the second one to come, everyone thoughts it won’t come, even I feel so but somehow, as I look at the sea’s water, is like someone is whispering saying: “Wait for it. Be patience. It’s coming” so I keep on waiting. Then suddenly, when they all going to end the first round, the voice that whispered to me say: “Here it is!”. I look up and I saw a huge wave coming, this one will be perfect. The rules of this thing Is kinda bullshit cuz you only can chose one wave and do one time, that’s why it have to be perfect! I swim into the wave, make a couple of jumps, then slightly slide out smoothly~ and of course, I got the highest  point, hah!

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