I sniffled tiredly. "I'm just hurting for some reason, Evan. That's all."

Evan breathed on my hair and his breath tickled me. He rocked me slightly on the balls of my feet as he didn't let go of the tight hug. "You're just missing your home. It's okay. You'll be okay."

My eyes closed gently as I forced them not to water. I don't know what was up with my sudden change of mood but Evan was really helping. "Promise?"

Evan chuckled quietly, his chest bouncing slightly. "I promise. I promise."

I felt the little pang of pain in my heart disappear, as I felt the comfort of his words genuinely stop my over thinking. Being home sick wasn't fun, and you never know when it'll hit you. Sometimes it'll be so unexpected, that even you question why you're acting a specific way. The sudden feeling of missing someone was the worst kind of pain. And missing a bunch of people, like family and friends, gives you a heart ache that'll make your heart swell; where the swelling will only die down when it's treated.

Evan treated me, and I wasn't feeling as hurt as much, anymore. It's insane how much people's words have an effect on you.

We made our way to a small bench at the end of the theatre and watched people come and go. Whining because of the scary movie or laughing at funny scenes. We watched couples come in for their first dates, their young 14 year old hands held together in passion, awkwardness and feelings that only they'd understand. We watched employees throw popcorn at each other when no customers came into the theatre and how their laughter would echo so loudly in our ears.

My head was warmly rested on Evan's chest when a loud group of teenagers laughing stepped out. It was the one and only group of friends that we knew. "Why'd you guys leave halfway?" Veronica yelled as she bounced down the wide stairs and walked over to where we sat.

"No reason," Evan stated. "Now let's get the hell out of here, I need to fucking cuddle and fall asleep."

I giggled, getting up from the chair. My butt was numb and the bruise from when I fell to the floor twice was even more numb than the rest of my butt. I cringed and itched roughly on the bruised butt cheek.

That got me an awkward glance from the guy handing out movie tickets. My eyes widened, then my head lowered as I mumbled, "Sorry." He only grimaced back at me.

We all walked towards the truck, got in and drove back to our college. We parked in the parking lot where a bunch of teenagers sat, smoking behind the trees and trashcans.

I trudged my feet against the dirt and the girls parted their ways. Veronica went up to the dorm and I followed behind her. I quickly changed before making my way back to Evan's dorm, about an hour later. It was 10 o'clock, and all the lights in the halls were out.


My knuckles were just about to hit on the door for me to enter Evan and Asher's dorm room but I stopped just millseconds before.

"Man, don't cry and tear yourself up about it. She's just a girl. They come and go, okay? You'll be fine." Evan was speaking and I heard an awkward sniffle.

I leaned my ear against the door, listening to what was going on. "You don't get it, mate."

I heard Evan scoff. "I have a girlfriend myself! Okay, I do! I'd be torn up and I'd kill myself if I lost her too, but that doesn't mean I'd torture myself over it. She'll come back to you, don't worry."

I frowned. Asher was crying?

I knocked gently on the door and before it opened, I heard rustling, some things falling and the door flew open, a tired looking Evan smiling roughly.

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