Chapter #4: 18 Hours of Sleep

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"Hey!" I frowned, tugging my bag of popcorn to my chest, towards Evan.

Evan kept his eyes on the intro of the movie, the loud music thundering against the walls of the theatre, making my ears rumble.

By this time, the movie was going strong and the theatre was filled with a bunch of people. It was crowded and smelled of buttery popcorn... and body odor. It was about 6 o'clock and the amount of times I told Asher to stop touching my popcorn, he wouldn't listen. I kept my cool, brushing my hair out of my face. I was quite comfortable in my clothes, but not where I was sitting. I chewed on my finger nail, checked the time on my phone about 200 times and made a little beat with the tapping of my shoe. I still felt oddly anxious and I hated theatres.

My leggings were firmly keeping me warm and my oversized Hockey sweater I had borrowed from Evan's dorm drawers was making me feel as if I was in bed- the only thing that was keeping me content in this movie theatre.

I breathed loudly through my nose, exhaling, before letting my neck rest against Evan's shoulder. He turned to look at me, gave me a little smile then wrapped his arm around me, nibbling on some popcorn here and then. I couldn't focus on the movie ahead of me, but only on the crunching of the popcorn in my boyfriend's mouth. My eyes were blurred on the screen, but not focused.

"Can we leave," I groaned in Evan's ear a while later, and he turned to look at me.

I really didn't have it in me to explain, nor take any of Asher's annoying actions any longer. I wasn't really feeling myself. I was sleepy, craving my bed, missing my home, Aunt and Uncle and so many more things. I felt like a weight was secretly planted onto my shoulders at that moment because I suddenly felt like I could fall to the floor in exhaustion.

I was home sick.

"Yeah, sure babe," he whispered back, shoving his phone into the back of his jeans pocket. He stood up, placing his drink in the arm rest and leaving it there.

He grabbed a hold of my hand, pulling me up and ducking as he walked out in front of me. Asher gave me a confused look but I shoved the popcorn in his chest. "You can have it."

He rose his eyebrows, and struggled to grab ahold of the bag. Veronica, Iris and Carrie only gave me a look of pity for leaving the in the middle of the movie, but I kept walking. I was pulled by Evan who ran out in front of me. We walked through the cinema and looked out the windows, seeing that it was raining outside.

"Man this weather is delusional," Evan mumbled, lifting up the hood of his sweater.

It darkened his face, making a small piece of his hair in the front fall down onto his forehead. You could no longer see the grey in his eyes, nor the way his eyebrows pointed so flawlessly.

I did the same, nodding in agreement. "It's getting out of hand." I sighed quietly, letting my shoulders droop as we looked out the glass doors, watching the rain drop harshly to the ground, forming into little puddles. The rain also thundered onto the glass, our breaths making some fog on the window. I was quiet, my eyes falling hard against my eye lids. I was feeling unusually tired, sick, sleepy.

"Hey," Evan whispered, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me to his side. My face went directly into his chest as I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling his warm comfort engulf my cold body. "You can sleep with me tonight. Don't be upset, Peyton."

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