Chapter Nine

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Getting out of the house wasn't a problem. It was getting James to cooperate. When they entered the garage, the reluctant father-to-be dug his heels into the cement and shook his head. "I just realized what a bad idea this is."

"It's going to save my son!" Gabby stated, jabbing him in the side with her keys.

"But think about it." James started. "She's got my DNA inside of her. First, she'll ask for commitment. When I don't give that, she'll ask for child support. I'm too popular to have her showing up in all of my magazine articles asking for money!"

Still sick of his lack of parental feelings, Gabby slapped him across the face. "I liked you better when you'd do anything for me!"

"It is amazing to think we actually complete missions," Logan sighed.

Not a soul said a word, hoping to keep every single head in the game the whole way there. Like they'd almost come to expect, Cosmo was sitting in her driveway waiting for them with something in her lap. She was compulsively twitching while she picked away at a square of yarnwith knitting needles. Her appearance from the day before had sincesince deteriorated.

Gabby hopped out of the car starting at Cosmo's clearly larger belly. She just knew that James was probably on the verge of fainting. Sure enough, he stumbled out of the car and pointed at her in shock. "What is that?"

Without looking up, Cosmo spoke in a crackly voice. "A baby blanket so that little Petunia doesn't get cold without me."

"Without you?" Kendall asked nervously. "Where are you going?"

"I have until tomorrow night," she tossed the blanket aside and got on her hands and knees, stomach hanging round and low. "And I need you guys to help."

"This sounds like it's leading to single fatherhood when I'm all reluctant about co-parenting." Said James.

Before Gabby could hit James again, Cosmo at back, hand placed just below her rib cage as she smiled lovingly. "She's so excited to hear your voice!"

"You weren't this pregnant yesterday." Logan pointed out since no one else would.

Cosmo turned a tired eye in his direction. "I'm aware,"

Logan waited for someone else to ask the next question. When there were no takers, he sighed. "Why?"

"I'm a special kind of case."

Asking for help up, Cosmo struggled to her feet with Kendall's and Logan's help. "I would give you the Chronicles if I want so afraid to get us all killed."

"Listen, Cosmo, those Chronicles are more than likely what saves my son in the long run." Gabby explained. "Either you give them to us or we stay here and read them."

Feeling uneasy, Cosmo shifted her weight. "This isn't how it was supposed to happen."

"How what was supposed to happen?" Gabby asked, getting scared out of her mind.

"Come inside," Cosmo insisted. "When Brendon calls, answer immediately."

Logan helped Cosmo inside, supporting her lower back as they stepped across the threshold. She instructed them up the stairs and into a room stacked to the ceiling with books. James shivered a bit when he stared at the black leather couch on the opposite end of the room. It did indeed have an odd air to it. Gabby could feel things wanting to get in, but couldn't tell what or why.

"You've been reading the Chronicles?" Kendall asked, gingerly closing the book on the floor for only a moment.

"Only so I could be sure I was doing everything right." She explained, taking a painful day on the couch.

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