Chapter One

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 Mintkit awoke to the sound of Bluekit and Leafkit playing moss-ball. Her ear twitched  as the two kits threw the wet and tangled ball of moss at her. The young kit sighed.

"What do you flee-bags want?" Mintkit muttered. Bluekit nudged Mintkit's head.

"We want you to play moss-ball with us, right Leafkit?" Leafkit turned her head toward Bluekit.

"Uh... Yeah!" she mewled.

Icepelt, Sunkit and Brightkit's mother popped her head up from her paws.

"You kits need to be quiet you might wake up Sunkit and Brightkit."

"C'mon Mintkit lets got play moss-ball!" Bluekit flicked her tail and ran out of the nursery.

"Fine," Mintkit sighed. " I'll go play stupid moss-ball with you..."

Mintkit padded slowly out of the nursery with Leafkit at her tail. Bluekit was sitting outside the nursery waiting for Mintkit and Leafkit.

"Finally you two mouse-brains are here." She mewled annoyed. Bramblekit wouldn't leave

 me alone."

"Sorry..." Leafkit's mew trailed off. Mintkit sat down and shifted her paws. She sighed then faced Bluekit.

"Why do you act like Clan leader? You boss us around all the time. Why? You wont be Clan leader I will!" ( >:) ) Mintkit flicked her tail and walked off. Leafkit charged after Mintkit.

        The two kits walked over to the fresh-kill pile. Mintkit picked up a vole and Leafkit picked up a small mouse. The young kits began to eat the fresh-kill they found in the small pile. Leaf-bare had been very harsh on the Clans. BreezeClan had trouble finding and prey in the cold and dry forest...

        When Mintkit and Leafkit finished eating their prey Mintkit asked Leafkit if the wanted to run from the camp for a day. Leafkit hesitated then said yes. When most of the warriors left for border patrol or a hunting patrol or back into the warriors den the two kits crept out of the camp. But what they didn't know is that Bluekit was watching them.

****Still not done...****

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