My Precious Hard Drive [A Sherlock Cancer Fic]

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Hey! New fic! I'm kinda stuck on the 'When Will You Be Back?' Fanfic. The Loki one will still have regular updates. Anyway, if you don't already know, a grey ribbon stands for

Brain Cancer. This is a Fanfiction where Sherlock has Brain Cancer. I can't promise a happy ending because I'm not sure how it will end just yet. It should be kinda long so hang in there!


Sherlock's P.O.V

I paced around the flat for what felt like, and probably was, the hundredth time that day. We had solved a case five days ago and sense then, it seems as if all of the villains had went on holiday. What was Batman's saying again? "Villains don't go on holidays and neither do I?" Or something like that? Oh well, never mind. I'M SO BORED!!! If only Mrs. Hudson didn't hide that gun! Or my smokes! Or my drugs! Or my skull! Or my severed body parts made specifically for experiments! Or my- ok you get the point.

I sighed and sat on my chair. Maybe I should play the violin. Meh, not right now. Oh where are you, trouble makers? Don't you know you make my life complete? Just then the flat door opened and John walked into the flat. "Sherlock, I got the milk and food for the next few days. *sigh* Why are you still in your sleepwear?" He asked me. "Cause there's nowhere to go, nothing to see, nothing to do, I don't want to, I-" I started to list before John cut me off. "Ok, Ok. I get it. Why are you so childish? Especially when your bored?"

"Obviously I act this way when I'm bored because I'm bored." I stated matter-of-factly. "Why don't we go for a walk around London? It's nice today. Besides, your skin could use some sunlight." John said, finishing putting the groceries away. "Fine. I guess it wouldn't hurt." I answered, getting up.

All of a sudden my head was blanketed with pain. Is it a headache? Headaches don't happen this fast and they don't hurt this much. A mind gran? No they gradually get worst. This began instantly.

I held my head. I remembered that I have been having headaches lately. They have been getting worst and more frequent, this one was the worst by far. John's voice cut through my train of thought. "Sherlock? Sherlock, are you alright?" I shook my head and regained my posture. "I'm fine. I just... got a headache that's all." I answered.

"Ok, well, get dressed quickly." He said.

~10 Minutes Later

John and I walked out of our flat and began walking down the sidewalk.

"Is there anywhere in particular that you would like to go?" John asked. "To a crime scene." I answered, already bored with the walk.

"Well, sense there is no crime scene... let's go and walk through the park or cemetery, or something." John suggested. "Ugh. Why would you like to see insufferable children play mindlessly? Or look at the cold stones with worthless dead bodies and names lined up inside a gate?" I asked, annoyed for some reason. Ugh my heads starting to hurt again.

"Ok, gosh. No park or cemetery... so where would your brilliance like to go?" He said sarcastically. He calls me by some of my, well, dishonorable traits when he is annoyed with me. "How about Italian? We're not on a case, so I'm up for eating lunch." I asked. "You know what? That sounds good. Lets go." John said as we walked towards my favorite Italian restaurant who was owned by a man who I had helped named Angelo.

Oh God... My Head's Still Hurting.


Awesome right? Stay tuned! Poor Sherlock... :(

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