Ch. 7 - Whitney

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Louis sat down at the counter, grabbing a pop tart and opening the packet. He ate the pop-tart as he listened to the boys talk about the party tonight. he sighed and finished eating his pop tart, trowing the paper away. He didn't want to go partying but he was forced into going.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Niall asked, and Louis shook his head.

"Nope, not at all." He grumbled. Niall chucked lightly, and patted him on the back.

"come on man! Lighten up, and drink tonight!" Niall exclaimed, but Louis ignored him completely and walked away, mumbling a whatever.

"Cheer up mate!" Louis ignored Niall's exclaim and walked in his room, slamming the bedroom door shut.

He laid down on his bed, his screams that came after muffled from the pillow. His cries were also muffled as he let the tears fall freely down his face. He's always missing interviews or concerts, as he sits in his room. Hiding from the world. Hiding from reality. Hiding from the truth that lies outside the bed-room door. Behind closed doors, he's not himself. Usually when he's not himself he brings home random girls, drinks all day, and does anything he usually wouldn't do. But this was different, He didn't want girls to take the pain away. They wouldn't do that. He'd wake up to pain in the morning anyway. He just cries and sits in his room, blasting music from his radio. He breaks things, He hurts himself, He hurts everyone by now coming 0ut. His bed was messily made, his room was a mess. When hes in the shower, he just sits there and cries. That's all he ever does anymore. Cries. Eleanor used to come over but she just stopped after two days. The pain becoming too much for her. Becoming way to much. She would've killed herself if it wasn't for Liam, and her love for Louis and Harry. He knew he needed to relax. He knew he needed that party. That party could help him in so many ways. But he just didn't want to go, how could he want anything when his best-friend was missing? and the cops were doing shit about it. Yes, they said they'd find him but they haven't yet and it's been nearly two-three weeks! He needed Harry or else Louis would go back to his old habit after his break up with Eleanor the first time. bringing girls home at night, drinking, and partying every night.


"Come on Louis!" It was now 10 PM, and Niall was calling Louis so they could leave. Louis stubbornly walked downstairs and out the door, getting in the car followed by Eleanor and the three other boys. Eleanor sat next to Louis and squeezed his leg reassuringly. Much to her dismay, she was forced to go to the party too. Twenty minutes later, they pulled into a unfamiliar drive-way and got out.

"Dani told us to come." Niall told Louis, seeing Louis' questioning glance.

"Who's Danielle?" Eleanor asked softly.

"She's a friend of ours, we met at Starbucks. She reminds me of Harry." Louis told his ex-girlfriend as she glanced at the house. Eleanor nodded, and Louis pulled her along towards the house. They might be broken up, but their still close friends. They walked in, pushing through the crowd, finding Danielle nearby. She waved them over and smiled widely as she hugged Niall and Louis.

"Dani. Meet Zayn, Harry, Liam and Eleanor." Louis introduced them. Eleanor smiled widely at Dani and pulled her in a hug.

"Call me El." Eleanor smiled softly at Danielle who pulled away from their small hug. Danielle nodded.

"How are you feeling Lou?" Danielle asked sincerely. Louis smiled at Danielle.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking love." Danielle nodded and pulled a blonde closer to her, pulling her away from a guy who she was talking too.

"Guys, El. Meet Whitney." The blonde waved slightly and had a huge smile on her face. Both Liam and Niall looked awe-struck at the blonde who was standing in-front of them. Louis smiled knowingly at them.

"Nice to meet you Whitney." Everyone said at the same time, making Whitney giggle.

"I'm going outside real quick, I'll be back in about twenty minutes or so. I have to greet my quests." She laughed halfheartedly.


"Nice to meet you Whitney." Everyone said at the same time, making Whitney giggle.

"I'm going outside real quick, I'll be back in about twenty minutes or so. I have to greet my quests." She laughed halfheartedly. Eleanor smiled at Danielle and said a quick bye before she went towards the bar. She got a drink, and sat down at one of the bar-stools. A guy about medium height with light brown hair sat next to her. Eleanor smiled politely at the man, and looked elsewhere. People were dancing on the dance floor, or snogging in the corner. Eleanor looked away, The brown haired boy gave Eleanor a cheeky grin before grabbing her hand.

"Would you like to dance?" Eleanor shook her head rapidly.

"I don't dance, sorry." The guy gave Eleanor a hard glare before dragging her to the dance floor.

"Yes you can babe." He smirked but Eleanor pushed him away and walked to Louis. The mystery man shoved Eleanor roughly making her fall into Louis. Louis looked at the man who pushed Eleanor, Louis pushing Eleanor away lightly before lunging at the man. Eleanor noticed Louis had one to many drinks. Eleanor tried to pull Louis away, but having troubles until Liam came to the rescue again and pulled Louis away with ease. Eleanor sighed, grabbing Louis' face looking at him to make sure he wasn't hurt.

"you could've gotten hurt Louis!" Eleanor yelled at Louis, dragging him away from the scene.

"I'm sorry Ellie," Ellie was a nickname Harry gave her. Eleanor pushed the tears down and sighed. "I couldn't let him push you and get away with it!"

"It's fine Louis, I promise. Thank you." Eleanor smiled sadly at Louis.

"Louis! Danielle is gone."

HARRY'S p.o.v

Harry sighed, playing with the hem of the jumper the captor gave him. He hasn't eaten yet today, but his captor should be bringing his food soon. He leaned his head back on the wall, letting a small grunt out. His mind thought of Louis, butterflies erupting in his stomach for some reason. Isn't that what you get when you like someone? He thought, but laughed mentally at the thought of liking Louis. Of all people, It can't be Louis. He just can't fall for Louis. He's not gay! He had no problem with gay people. He just didn't think he was gay at all. He heard the lock on the basement unlock, the door opening slowly. Muffled screams could be heard. Did he kidnap someone? Harry thought. His question was answered as someone was thrown down the stairs, his captor coming down afterwards. Harry looked over at the girl who had her hands tied behind her back and her mouth taped shut.

"Hello Harry, Sorry you missed dinner." The captor said, throwing him an actual decent dinner. Lasagna. His captor wasn't too harsh. Gave him decent meals, let him change, shower. Only hurt him when he disobeyed or was bored. He wasn't hurt as much as he used to when he first came here.

"Meet your new room-mate Harry." The captor said, pointing towards the girl chained up to the wall, close to Harry. Harry nodded, shuffling food in his mouth. He had to use a plastic spoon, it wasn't harmful.

"Can you please tell me your name at-least? I don't like to think of you as 'the captor'" Harry's rough voice said, as he finished his food. The captor nodded, and chucked a juice box at Harry. Harry mumbled a thanks.

"Yeah, Jason. You'll meet my son soon. He will be watching you tomorrow. I will let you off the chains but do not hurt my son or I'll shoot. The basement door will be locked unless Hayden is feeding you. He will not harm you, and I won't either unless you touch Hayden." He told us, We both nodded, letting him now leave. He walked upstairs, and left us alone.

"He isn't so bad." Harry smiled at the terrified girl. "He just wants money." He told her, She nodded.

"What's your name love?" Harry asked softly.

"Danielle. Nice to meet you Harry.. I just saw your friends before I was taken." Harry was taken aback by this. What? he thought, but shook it off and decided to ask her later.

"Nice to meet you too."

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