The Warrior ~Coming Soon~

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'Why does he always hurt me? Did I do something wrong? Does he not love me anymore? Maybe if I stay really quiet and still he won't find me.' These words were constantly going through the little fair skinned, brown, wavy haired girl with beautiful puppy dog like eyes' head. She was always afraid of that five foot ten man covered in tattoos, piercings, and scars. The man who always reeked of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes with the same wavy brown hair and puppy dog eyes as the little girl. The little girls father, Liam Payne. Who is this little girl you may ask? This 4 year old child is Liam's daughter, Bryanne (Bri-Anne). That was years ago, now she is a sweet 16 year old wondering how her father became this way.

Bryanne Cathy Payne was born on May 26, 2017, to Catherine "Cathy" Elizabeth Henry Payne and Liam James Payne. Yes, Liam Payne as in one fifth of One Direction. The same Liam Payne who was known to us as "Daddy Direction." The sweet puppy dog of the group who married famous author Cathy Henry. Liam wasn't always this harsh, let alone to his sweet little angel Bryanne. Something happened to our innocent LiLi after One Direction disbanded...or was it the reason that these five crazy lads ended the worlds biggest boyband? Can Bryanne fix her dad? 

Find out in The Warrior.

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