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I walked into Misty Hills High School. I needed to talk to Maria really bad. I spotted her across the hallway. "Maria I need to talk to you. It's really important." I yelled but she kept on walking. I followed her to the steps right outside our school. I grabbed her arm. She said to me while getting little tears in her eyes "Do you know I'm pregnet. Of course you don't you have been everywhere but by me." She looked at me like I disappointed her. "i'm so sorr.." I tried to speak but she cut me off. "No your not. I'm going to take care of this baby with or without you." She yelled while crying I didn't mean to make her cry. "I'll stay with you for the rest of my life if I have to. That baby is mine and I'm going to take care of it. okay?" I said to her. She started to cry even harder. She ran up to me and hugged me tight. "Let's see how good of a father you are." She said smiling her beautiful smile. "Now that is what I want to see." She laughed a little.


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