Chapter 8

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Did I hear that right? Quinn, working that job. Pathetic. I looked straight at her, her eyes full of sorrow, mine full of anger.

"Where ya headed Red?" I laughed bitterly and tucked my orange curls behind my ear. She just shrugged at me and look at the ground. I continued my teasing.

"Who are you workin for today? Dirty dirty girl" My laugh grew crude. This brought me lots of pleasure. She couldn't even snap back at me. Poor poor girl.

Quinn just stood there, her hands clenched. I could tell she wanted to end me. Slap me around. Get even. But she wouldn't, not with Johnny so close. It was so obvious that she had a 'crush' him. Silly girl, fallin in love so fast. She clearly doesn't belong here.

Her shoulders slumped slightly and her face drained. I was so into my act that I didn't notice Soda approaching the house behind me.

"That's what you get for being a dropout!" I cackled. Quinn gasped and a tear rolled down her cheek. I looked behind me and there Soda was, his face red from anger. He was a dropout too. And here I was criticizing Quinn.

"Just leave Tara" Soda yelled and ran inside, slamming the door behind him. My face was hot, my heart racing. What did I just do?

"This is your fault!" I screamed at Quinn. I ignored the tears running down my cheeks.

"Why don't you go steal Soda just like you stole Pony?" My voice was shaking. I was done. And before I knew it, I was walking down the empty street. My face red and swollen from crying. I'm done.

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