Chapter three. Rengar

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The white lion quickly left and headed into the jungle to find someplace to stay overnight. As he walked, thoughts about the mysterious Nidalee took place.

Well, she isn't completely human, that's for sure. And what did she say about hunting here, I haven't meet another hunter here but she said there was one..hmm

When he couldn't find an answer he instead tried to remember everything about how she looked. She had brown long hair and white tattoes, almost like claws, in her face and on her arms...probably all over her body. Sharp fangs and catlike eyes, and a sort of green pearl on her forehead, she is definitely not normal.

After about half an hour of walking he found a cave beneath some big rocks. The place was surrounded by trees and seemed very hidden, and very untouched. After checking the safety of the stones he placed an leather bag he'd carried with him all the time deep inside the cave, then turned to the direction he came from. On the way he had noticed the scent of a pack of deers nearby, and tried to pick it up again. Even though his nose wasn't as sensitive as a wolf's or dog's, he still easily picked it up, and headed towards it. Silent as a shadow he moved, and soon the pack was to be found. The deers was resting together but one stupid calf was still playing, almost 20 metres away from the rest of the group. Rengar started moving against it, but before he reached something growled and jumped out infront of the calf, making it scream and run back to the pack. Scared but unharmed. Rengar looked irritated at the clumsy predator that had scared it instead of attacking, and realised it was a female cougar with big, white strings in her otherwise light brown coat. He recognised her but couldn't remember from where.

Oh well, she destroyed my hunt and she gotta pay for it he thought while running against her. Even though he was silent she somehow heard him, but instead of running away like she should have, facing such a big opponent, she just stared at him with surprised eyes. Then jumped at him extremely fast and pushed him to the ground. He pushed the cougar of him easily and tried to bite her, but she was too quick. They battled for some minutes but no one seemed to be able to finish the other one. Rengar was stronger but the cougar was quicker. Soon they both laid down, to tired to continue and surprises to find such an opponent. The cougar suddenly stood up and

right before his suprised eyes..changed form and suddenly a woman stood before him.

It was Nidalee, the mysterious bartender.

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