My NASCAR Country Boy

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Christine's POV

I woke up the next morning to find that Tony wasn't in the bed next to me. In fact, I wasn't even in the hospital. I was at a hotel. Apparently the hotel Tony was staying at the night before the race. How I noticed that was because I saw the very same suitcase laying besides the king-sized bed in the bedroom of the hotel. It was like a mini apartment. There was a bathroom in the bedroom, a door to give the person in the bedroom privacy, and outside the door was a living room combined with a kitchen.

However, I didn't notice that until I had awoken fully and started panicking about how I wasn't next to Tony. I jumped out of bed and burst through the closed door to find Kevin and DeLana sitting at the table, drinking coffee.

"Where's Anthony??? Where is he???" I panicked, not as bad as last night at the hospital.

"Christine, relax. He's fine, they had to take him into surgery this morning so Kevin and I brought you back to his hotel. We brought you here around 4AM," DeLana explained, still wearing the same clothes she wore yesterday.

"Chris, I talked to Tony a lil while ago at the hospital, about 10 minutes before he went into surgery, he said hi and that he loves you and to promise you that he'll call you whenever he wakes up from surgery," Kevin said, taking a sip from his coffee, as he was also wearing the same outfit from yesterday, which was his racing uniform and hat.

"We gotta go see him now!!!" I said.

"Doc said he'd call us after the surgery is finished. He hasn't called yet so he's not done with the surgery," Kevin explained. "Just relax and eat something. Here, eat this muffin." he handed me a blueberry muffin. It smelled really really good. I sat down on the couch and took a deep breath. I knew Tony was fine and was in safe hands with the doctor. I just wanna see him so bad.

  "Ugh...." I sighed.

  "Ugh what??" DeLana asked.

  "Ugh I don't wanna wait to see Tony anymore..." I replied.

  "Christine, things like this happen for certain reasons and we must understand that. Just try and relax and think of something besides Tony. Please. I know you won't but please just try for once." Kevin said.

  I just sat there... I couldn't believe Kevin had said that!! Once DeLana took in all the words I knew she was not happy. I know I wasn't but I wasn't showing it either. I just went blank. Then I felt tired so I went back to bed. And as soon as I got in the bedroom I threw open Tony's suitcase as I pulled out one of his shirts and put it on me. I lied back down in bed and of course, I felt like I was next to him, of course the shirt smells like him, and maybe some of his cologne but it all made me feel a bit better. When I started thinking about the past it made me smile every once in a while. And soon enough I drifted off to sleep... With Tony... In my mind anyways...

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