A Magical Life?

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"Tell me again why were here?" I asked Austin curiously as I stepped into the warm sand. "I don't know. The water is finally warm again and I wanted some time with you." He answered, lacing his hand in mine. "Well then. I'm okay with that." I smiled. We stopped at the water's edge, watching the sun slowly descend from it's perch in the sky to let night fall into it's place. Austin turned me to face him and dipped down to kiss me. When I broke away, he smirked down at me. "What?" I laughed. Before I could realize his plan he scooped me and had me over his shoulder. "Austin! Put me down!" I laughed. He did as I asked, setting me on the steps of the lifeguard station. "You're so beautiful." He said softly, leaning down to kiss me. "And you're so handsome." I answered, leaning up to meet him halfway. "Je t'aime." (Translations below) He said as he broke away. "Je t'aime plus." I answered. "Vous êtes trop bon pour moi mon amour." "Ce n'est pas vrai. vous êtes tellement mieux pour moi que je le mérite." I answered. He smiled and my heart skipped a beat. "Embrasse-moi encore?" I asked sweetly and he smile at me again. "M'épouser?" He countered and I felt my eyes widen. "What?" "Marry me?" He repeated in English. I sat in a daze as he got down on one knee and held open a little velvet box (look here: http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=9709706&.svc=copypaste&id=123069103). "A-Austin, W-Wha-" I stuttered. "Caroline, you've been in my life for 4 and a half years now. I've been lucky enough for a year and a half, almost two, to call you mine. In that time, we've welcome to world our beautiful little girl, found you another family member and helped get the ginger settled down, thank God." I laughed slightly as happy tears slowly slid down my face. "I've know for a long time now that you are the love of my life and I never want to loose you. So, Caroline Marina Kent would you do me an absolute honor and will you marry me?" He asked softly. "Yes Austin. Of course!" I answered. He slipped the ring on my finger and cupped my face with his hands. "I love you so much." He said, kissing me deeply. "I love you too." I answered, hugging him tightly as he hugged me close. "The guys are going to give you a hard time now." I laughed. "They already know and already are." He answered. "Everyone knows I did this tonight." "Not everyone." I replied as I let him go. He gave me a questioning look and I putting my phone out from my back pocket. He smiled and took it from my hand, pulling me into a kiss as I held up my hand and he took the picture. 'Hey guys, guess what... I'm no longer going to be Caroline Kent, I'm going to be Caroline Carlile. @austincarlile :)' I sent it away to the fans and just as I went to kiss Austin again, my phone freaked the fuck out. Austin laughed and pulled me closer. "Let them be." He said softly.

Wedding Day: (bc I can)

"Caroline wake up!" Kat's yelled and I jolted up in bed. "Could you not scream at me? That'd be great thanks." I muttered. "Sorry, I woke you up though." I smiled and rolled my eyes, glancing over at my phone as as a notification came through. 'Today's the day. I get to marry the love of my life, I just don't like her not being next to me. Can't wait to see you beautiful @CarlilesCrazyCaroline (I can say she's not ;)' I smiled and glanced at the picture (to the side my lovies). Yeah, I'm glad we'll alone later.

"You look amazing." Kat said softly, looking me over an adjusting my dress. (http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=9709706&.svc=copypaste&id=115826757) "But I feel like my lungs are going to collapses and I don't even know why." I answered her a bit panicked. "It's okay, it's just nerves. Trust me, as soon as you see him it will all melt away. I promise. You've got nothing to worry about." "You really don't." Someone said from behind me and I turned around to see Phil smiling at me. Since Danny had given Kat away, he felt he should let someone give me away. It was a little difficult to fix but Phil was the perfect fit. He was like a brother to me and we'd always been close so it was a natural choice aside from maybe Alan but he was Austin best man and that might not end so well... I took a deep breath, as the others were ushered to go out, and looked up at Phil. "This is really happening to me." I said softly. "It is dear." He answered. "I'm okay with that." I walked with him and, just like Kat said, as soon as I saw Austin my breathing came back and the nerves went away. He smiled at me when he saw me and I returned it. I made my way in front of him and she smiled. "You look gorgeous." He said quietly. "And you look absolutely perfect." He smiled as everything started. He really was perfect for me.

Skipping the stuff you already know and right to the dance because I'm lazy :P

Austin took my hand and slowly guided me to the dance floor. He held me close as the song played. All Of Me by John Legend. (To the side) He sang the words to me softly. "'Cause all of me,Loves all of you.Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you.You're my end and my beginning,

Even when I lose I'm winning. 'Cause I give you all of me, And you give me all of you." He kissed my gently and I smiled into it. "I love you." I said quietly. "I love you too."

I giggled as Austin set me down on the bed. He went to put his hands on either side of me and lay me down but I stopped him. "Uh um, Mr. Carlile, you say to wait." I smirked. "What? That's no fair." He pouted playfully. "Too bad my love." I slipped from under him to take care of my dress and came back dressed a little more... appropriate. Yeah, sure that's the word. "Wow." Austin breathed. I smirked and went closer. "It's a shame I had to take those heels off, I was finally tall enough to kiss you and not have to be on my tip toes." I laughed slightly. "I can fix that." He said quickly as he grabbed my waist and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he kissed me passionately. "Someone's edger." I smirked, messing with him. "Only with you babe." He countered. "That can't be true. Surely there's others." I picked. He smiled and shook his head. "Only you." "So no mistress?" I asked playfully. "Not a one." He answered. "But I can treat you like one." He growled in my ear and I bit my lip. He knew how to push my buttons and damn was he doing a good job. "Then go for it Carlile." I whispered in his ear. I felt a smirk spread on his face as he kissed my neck. "What ever you say beautiful."

"Austin you wanna know something?" I asked. "Sure. Go ahead." "There are so many things I love about you but there's one thing that's my absolute favorite." I answered. "What is it babe?" He asked, a smile cast on his face. "This." I said softly, running my fingers gently over his scar. "Can I ask why?" He said, playing with hair. "Because it shows what you've been through. The struggle, the pain, the hurt. And that shows how much strength you have. And why I love you so fucking much." I answered. He smiled down at me and I sat up. "I honestly don't know where I'd be if you and Alan hadn't walked into the coffee shop. I was talking to Brittney about that when we last saw her. Even though she's passed that like we are, she still met her boyfriend there and they've been together two years as well. It's like that place is magic or something." He laughed. "That or fate is has a twisted sense of humor." He added. I smiled and kissed him softly.

"Oh my gosh look who is it." Brittney smiled as I walked up. "Hi! I half expected to see you here." I laughed. "You're like the queen of Starbucks." "Actually I'm president over this district." She said. "That's awesome! I'm still with the band, but I've be made their manager." "That's not all I see." She said looking behind me at Austin and Kenzie. "And I saw your announcement. You've really advanced in 5 years." She said as a guy walked up behind her. "Babe who's this?" He asked, smiling at me. "This is Caroline. We used to work here together." She answered him. "Caroline, this is my boyfriend, Taylor." I smiled. "Nice to meet you." He nodded. "You too."

"So we both met the possible love of our life while working at Starbucks. As well as Kat. This place must have some kind of luck in it." I laughed. "It must. But I'm glad it does to be honest." "Britt, we've got to go, Cam and Ashton just landed at the airport." Taylor said. "Okay. I hope everything goes well. Austin's a lucky guy." "So is Taylor." I smiled. "Have fun with Ash, tell her I said hi." "I will and congratulations." She answered. "You too." I winked and caught Taylor's attention. I laughed under my breath and looked over at Austin.

As crazy as it seems, that Starbucks was lucky and maybe even magical.

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