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            “Elsa?” Jack’s voice said from behind me. I felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand and all the muscles in my body tense up. Instead of acting rationally, I did what I usually do on impulse… Act like Anna.
            “Hey Jack!” I cheered and placed my hands on my hips. “What’s goin’ down?” I crossed my arms to try and cover the black and grey spots on my dress; naturally that was a failure. Jack looked at me with a hard expression. He put his staff against my bed and walked toward me.
            “What-?” he tried to form a sentence, but he couldn’t find the right words.
            “Pitch’s sand.” I explained.
            “It wasn’t supposed to spread this fast.” He sighed as he took a strand of my hair into his fingers. “Good thing Sandy’s coming soon.”
            “What? Why?” I asked as I pushed his hand away.
            “We need to bring defences up now.” He explained. “It could happen at any moment.” By ‘it’ I knew he meant the attack. I understood what he was saying, he wanted to contain what good was left… but he forgot one thing that needed to be contained.
            “That’s a good idea, but you would have some defences inside the palace too…” I suggested.
            “Why?” he seemed confused.
            “Look at me.” I snapped. I stepped back so he could get a clearer look at me, and that was all I meant to do. Something just came up my throat and came out. “It’s happening Jack.” Whether we want it to or not, I’m turning into Pitch’s puppet. The Elsa you love could die and never come back! I’m surprised you haven’t snapped or started screaming out of anger like how I am right now! You’re acting as if you don’t care about what’s going on! Like you don’t love me enough!” None of that was me.
            ‘It was me.’ Her vial voice smirked. I was losing control. I could only watch as Jack’s calm expression changed. He looked like he had just gotten slapped in the face. He turned away from me as his jaw tensed and shut his eyes.
            “Jack.” My voice cracked. “I didn’t-“
            “Don’t.” he interrupted with a stern voice. “Do you honestly think that? That I don’t care? That those disgusting thoughts haven’t entered my mind once?”
            “Jack I-“
            “What’s going on with you today? First I find out you’ve been keeping important secrets from me. Now you think I don’t care about you anymore… what did he do to you?” Jack questioned as he ran his fingers through his hair.
            “It wasn’t me that said that… but it did prove what I was going to say.” I tried to make the situation better.
            “What do you mean by ‘going to say’?”
            Telling him won’t help anyone Elsa.
            “I don’t care, he has to know.” I stated as I stood my ground.
            “Has to know what?” Jack started to panic. I walked up to him, hopefully to calm him down; but I think I made him even more nervous.
            “Okay, um… my thoughts aren’t safe anymore.” I started. “Meaning… there’s some other spirit inside of me.” I watched as Jack put the pieces together in his head.
            “Like a nightmare version of you?” he guessed. I nodded my head.
            “It happened last night. He came into my dream and she…“ I couldn’t finish what I was saying.
            “She’s with you right now?” he sighed. I waited for Jack, or even her to say some kind of snarky comment… but nobody said anything. I saw in Jack’s eyes that he was piecing it together all the possible outcomes that could take place. With each possibility, his face turned like he tasted something sour. Too much time passed, so I stepped forward and pressed my palm to his face.
            “It’ll be fine. You just have to find a way to fight Pitch without me.” I said. He looked into my eyes and pressed his hand against mine.
            “It’s not that I’m worried about.” He explained. “I’m fairly sure we have enough protection so the other guardians could just focus on Pitch.”
            “Then… why are you thinking so hard?” I questioned.
            “I know-“ he looked pained to give me his reasoning. “I know that I could lose you… He’s so close to having you.” I slumped down and tried to think of something to better the situation.
            “Maybe there’s something we can do.” I suggested, even though almost everything we’ve tried failed.
            “Not that I know of.” He sighed as he pulled away from me. I felt the tears build up, and I blinked them away before they could spill over my eyes.
            “You have to lock me up.” I ordered. “And put guards around me.” Each word tasted like bile in my mouth.
            “You know it’s the only way.” I snapped. “To keep Anna, Kristoff and everyone else from danger.” He didn’t argue with me… he knew that it was the best way.
            “Where?” he murmured. Although he agreed it was clear in his voice that he didn’t want to do this.
            “Far away from Anna.” I answered. “The dungeons won’t work. I’ve already broken through once.”
            “Up in the mountain?” he suggested.
            “That’s where Pitch would be.” I answered.
            “Is there another mountain or something?” he let out in frustration.
            “The only one I can think of is the one with our plateau.” I thought.
            “It’s the only way to keep your people safe.” He pointed out. I shook my head.
            “But I don’t want to destroy it.” I cried. “I love it up there.”
            “Okay…. Then I guess it’ll have to be here.” He sighed.
            “When should we do this?” I demanded.
            “In a bit. Sandy will be here soon…. And you should tell Anna.” He reminded me.
            “Crap.” I exhaled as I felt my heart go heavy. Jack was immediately by my side.
            “It’s going to be fine.” He encouraged. “She’ll understand and she’s going to be safe from everything.”
            “Yeah.” I nodded and looked in the mirror. I didn’t look like myself anymore. I didn’t realize that my hair had more than half of the strands turn black and a good section of my face turn grey.
            “I’m scared.” I murmured. “I’m going to lose myself.”
            “Not completely.” He believed. “I won’t let that happen.”
            “How?” I asked turning to him. “Store a part of me and you away so maybe it could be used later on?”
            “Exactly.” He nodded. I was taken aback. My suggestion was just a joke… I didn’t think he was serious.
            “How would we do that exactly?” I crossed my arms.
            “Okay, um…” he closed his eyes and thought hard. “The best thing to do is to store your greatest memories or some of your favourite memories.”
            “Okay.” I hesitated. I shut my eyes and went back in time; Anna giggling when she hit me with a snowball, and running away when I chased her around the throne room; Me letting down my hair and changing into my ice dress for the first time; Jack holding me close as he hummed that familiar song and danced with me over the frozen lake. I felt myself smile as I went back to those beautiful moments. Jack took my hands in his and felt something form in my palms.
            “Okay, open your eyes.” He whispered. His grip on my hands didn’t change once I did.
            “What did you do?” I murmured.   
            “Just a little something I learned from Tooth.” He said as he moved his hands away. Sitting on my palm was a beautiful crystal chain with a perfectly cut pendent. The chain was so thin, it could’ve passed as an ordinary metal chain from afar. The pendent was a beautiful ice crystal heart. In the light it shined its brilliant light, acting like a diamond.
            “Jack.” I gasped. “I’s beauty couldn’t be described. It was simple yet complex, easy yet brilliant, cold yet heartwarming.
            “Think of it as a place to hold our hearts together.” He blushed as he said his cheesy line. “It holds your memories and some of mine too-“
            “Because you’re a part of me now.” I finished as my thumb stroked the perfectly cut heart. “It’s beautiful Jack.”
            “The necklace or the meaning?”
            “Both.” I giggled as I unclipped the chain. Jack turned me around to help me fasten it around my neck. The heart rested heavily on my chest and was cold against my skin.
            “An ice heart.” I smiled.
            “Ica’s heart.” Jack suggested.
            “Well it’s both of our hearts right? But since you gave it to me, you technically gave me your heart.” I pointed out.
            “Okay, so… a Frost Heart?” he tried again. At that moment, a perfect name popped into my mind.
            “How about… your Frozen Heart?” I giggled. Jack’s response was a quick peck on my lips.
            “That sounds more epic than romantic.” He smiled as his nose brushed against mine.
            “Maybe it’s because we are more epic than romantic.” I guessed as my lips brushed against his.
            “I can live with that.” He smiled before giving me a real kiss. I pulled away before we could forget about what we had to do.
            “Where’s Sandy meeting you?” I asked. Before he could answer, there was knocking on the balcony door. The little yellow figure was waving at us. Jack and I made our way to let him in.
            “Hey Sandy.” I greeted. He looked at me with a horrific expression.
            “Yeah, it spread faster than we thought.” Jack answered as Sandy took my grey hand. I watched as he poked my wrist with his finger. My visible veins turned gold under my skin.
             “Sandy, I don’t think it’ll work.” I said once he let go of my hand. A bunch of pictures formed over his golden head.
            “He knows that.” Jack translated. “He’s just trying to buy you some time.”
            “Oh, well thank you. I’ll need as much time as possible.” I replied. Sandy then turned to Jack.
            “We need at least five guards at Elsa’s door. Spread the rest of them out; I need to take care of something here.” Jack instructed. Sandy nodded and snapped his fingers; Immediately five gold humans landed on my balcony. They marched into the room and walked out the door without another word. Sandy bid one last farewell before he made his exit, leaving Jack and I in silence.
            “So.” Jack cleared his throat. “How’s this going to happen?”
            “Maybe I’ll sit on my bed and you chain me. Then you would go out through the balcony and freeze it shut.” I sighed. He nodded as a sorrowful expression was cast on his face. I walked away from Jack and climbed onto the bed, sitting cross-legged in the centre of the mattress. I faced the mirror as Jack bound my arms to my sides and chained me onto the bed. A total of 20 thick ice chains were connected from the floor, ceiling, walls and boards of the bed to trap me. My arms and leg had two chains each, while my torso had the rest of the chains. They looked strong, so hopefully it would be enough to contain me.
            “That should be enough right?” Jack panted as he finished the last chain.
            “Yeah. Maybe there should be more guards on the balcony too; that way nothing can get in or out.” I suggested.
            “I’ll get a couple there when I leave.” He replied. I nodded and sighed. This could very well be the last time I see Jack… I tried to find the right words to say.
            “I should go tell Anna.” He interrupted my thoughts. I nodded.
            “Tell Kristoff to take her somewhere safe. I don’t care where, as long as she’s far away from here.” I added. Jack nodded in agreement; I saw in his eyes that he didn’t want to say it, so I would.
            “I love you, you know that right?” I started.
            “Don’t.” he begged. “It’s not our time to say goodbye.”
            “Elsa, we are going to get through this.” He said as he looked as my straight in the eyes. “We’ll get through this, and we’ll go on from that point. You’re not going to die.” I nodded as I tried to believe him, but not all of me could believe that we were going to get through this alive.
            “Be careful, okay.” I pleaded as I looked into his eyes. He didn’t answer. Instead he took my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back with as much intensity as I could. I felt Jack wipe away what tears spilled over my eyes. When he pulled away, he leaned his forehead against mine.
            “Be safe.” He whispered. I nodded and looked away as he got off my mattress. I listened as his frost sealed my doors shut, locking me in my room. I turned to see him one more time. He stood on the other side of the glass with a pained expression.
            “I love you Jack.” I said, hoping he could read my lips.
            “I love you Elsa.” He replied back. And with that he let the wind take him away from my sight, leaving me alone in isolation once again…

Hey guys!!! plzz forgive me for making you guys wait so long! Life, school and reality got in the way. not to mention after chapter 37, my creativity was literally depleted. like my mind went blank and i didn;t get any ideas until a few days ago. I know it's bad, but in that time i also planned out the next few chapters, so hopefully they'll come out more smoothly. But yeah tell me what you guys think. Not my best, but hopefully it'll get better I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, i wanted to get this out ASAP! Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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