Ever since last night, when Niall saved me from that rotten guy at the party, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I mean, I still hate him for being so damn rude all time. But I couldn't stop thinking about what he said.

"I'm always here."

I doubt he meant it in a genuine way but then again a part of me, in that moment he said it, felt like he really did mean it. Even if he did mean it, he was probably drunk and wouldn't admit it when he's sober. The other thing that got to me is how he said he'd kill anyone that guy has ever known. That was unbelievably excessive; especially for some girl he didn't even care about. Aka me.

I even thought that in the few days I've known this guy, two guys have forced themselves on me. Maybe I should stop hanging around him.


I was startled by Krysten's voice and turned to her. "Yeah?"

"Are you ready?

"Yeah, whose car we taking?"


"Are you sure he's okay with that?"

"Of course. He's the one driving us." She chuckled as if it was obvious.

My face sank into a sad expression. "Is he going in the mall too?"

"Yeah, him and a couple guys from the drag. But they're actually cool."

I groaned. Krysten's definition of cool, and mine where two completely different meanings. I stood up from the bed and put my hair up in a messy bun, not caring to do anything else to it.

The car ride wasn't as bad as I thought. Of course there was the horrible fact that Niall was speeding and turning harshly at every single turn but the friends he brought along were indeed "cool" in my book.  There's Liam who is probably the cutest out of all the guys. Not only his looks, but just the way he acts in general. He has a beautiful smile, a great personality, and is just naturally sweet. There's Louis, who's probably the funniest guy I've ever met. He was the one who kept me laughing the whole way. But at the same time he's really nice and flirty. And Harry came along too. Me and him actually got to talking, and he was very nice. I was too quick to judge him. Zayn was the last one. He had dark black hair and hazel eyes that could take anyone's breath away. He is quite the catch and was very soft spoken. All of us had to squeeze into Niall's car but still managed.

I was glad we came to my favorite mall here in Florida, Westfield Mall. I've been going here ever since I was a kid. We all walked together into the mall, being the loudest group of people there. I was enjoying myself a lot. It was new to me, the whole standing out thing. I'm usually minding my own business by myself in the corner, reading a book quietly or keeping my head down, but today I was being the center of attention. Everyone I passed by stared and smiled. It was a great feeling.

Krysten and I being the only two girls and in need of some clothes, decided to split up from the boys to shop.

"Hold on ladies." Zayn said and started whispering with Niall. He didn't look too happy and whined, as if defeated.

"Whatever." Niall said and trailed behind Zayn as he caught up with us.

Zayn smiled at us. "We're going to join you two, is that ok?"

I opened my mouth right away to say no but Krysten beat me to the punch. "Sure guys! Don't get lost. When we're on a mission, we're known to walk quite fast."

It was a hard choice but we finally decided on going into the famed store, Charlotte Russe, and try on some dresses. The guys lingered by the entrance, talking about how crazy it was that both of them got into a fight on the same night, which was yesterday, and at the same party, which was Niall's. Then they compared bruised knuckles. I rolled my eyes scanning the racks of clothing.

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