chapter 1

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I could feel the heavyness in my chest as I heard those words, it was like my heart was sinking into quick sand and I could feel tears slip out of my eyes as I stared at the TV. I sat there frozen trying to comphrend what I just heard and tried to remain positive by telling myself that Zayn is okay and it's not him that got injured but it was no use because I know Zayn would have been the one injured, you see Zayn was always a bit of what they called a "dare devil" back at school and he would do a bunch of crazy stuff. I remember one time back in 9th grade he tried to pressure me into smoking with him, but I am completely against smoking so I told him I wouldn't do it and he went to hit me and I smacked the cigeratte packet out of his hands. People often ask me how I forgive him so easily when he does things like that but I just reply with "It's because he's my best friend, and he was just simply playing around."  I know how crap Zayn's life is and I've seen the side of it that nobody else at school sees and that's why I stick by him, he needs a good friend in his life. I think everybody needs somebody to lean on when they need to have a good cry, everybody needs somebody they can call when they are feeling scared and most of all everybody needs somebody to hold them in a big tight hug and tell them that "everything is going to be alright in the end" and "I'm always going to be here for you".

I shoke my head attempting to shake my thoughts back to reality and quickly grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. That's when I saw Zayn sitting on the gutter across the road with his head in his knees shaking. "Zayn!" I yelled but he didn't look up. I started to run towards him and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank god you're okay! You had me worried sick! Is everybody else okay? How are the other boys?" I spoke so fast that by the time I had stopped talking my words were all jumbled up. "Niall" Zayn spoke quietly as his voice trembled "It's Harry, he's in hospital" he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand "and it's all my fault" that's when Zayn started to bawl his eyes out. 

"Shhh, Zayn it's alright. it's going to be okay." I repeated so many times that I think I nearly convinced myself that he was going to be alright. I was patting his back when I thought that it would be a good idea to go visit Harry. "C'mon Zayn let's go to the hospital and see how he's doing, he needs us there with him at the moment." Zayn nodded his head and stood up and I embraced him into a hug and whispered in his ear "everything is going to be alright in the end." Zayn looked at me with teary eyes and for the first time in a while, smiled and said "You know Niall, I think you might just be the light that Harry needs to get better." 


We arrived at the hospital and went straight to the front desk to ask for Harry Styles' room hoping we could get straight in but we had to fill out this stupid visitors pass. I'm a slow handwriter as well and it took us atleast 15 minutes before we could even get his room number. "It's room 302" the lady told us while handing us an entry pass. We had to climb a bunch of stairs since the elevator needed matience which sucked because I was not one for exercise and neither was Zayn apparently because half way through he asked me to carry him. Which I off course didn't do because I couldn't be stuffed walking up the stairs myself let alone with an extra person on my back. We were stood out front of Harry's door and Zayn whispered to me "Niall, I think if he saw your smile he would instantly feel better." His comment made me smile which I think was the whole point of it and we walked into the room to see Harry laying there on his bed asleep. His face was pretty beat up and it looked like they had given him so stitches on his head. We decided to not wake him up because he definitely needed to rest up, he wasn't in good condition. 

Harry reminded me of a hand-me-down teddy bear I got when I was younger from my older cousin. It was loved by my older cousin when it was brand new and it was still loved by me even after eighteen years when it had lost most of it's stuffing and had been stitched up atleast six times but at the end of the day that teddy bear had it's own story no matter how run down it looked it was still loved and I think that's how Harry is at the moment. It doesn't matter how many times they stitched Harry up and tried to fix his injuries he would still have the scars from the stitches and the stories to tell us, you can fix a person all you want but you'll never get them back to the way they were. 

I saw Harry stir in his sleep and he gently fluttered his eyelids as he tried adjusted to the light. 

"Niall?" he questioned, his voice croaky and thick with sleep. "What are you doing here?" 

"I'm here too see you Harry, I needed to make sure you were okay." I answered truthfully.

"I'm a lot better now that you guys are here, I honestly thought that you would have had better things to do then visit me."

"Are you crazy Harry? We could never leave our best friend in a hospital bed and have no one by his side!" 

He smiled at me, his dimples showing but soon went back to a straight face when he remembered all the injuries he had on his face. 

"Are you okay?" Zayn asked Harry nervously. 

"I was a lot better before you did what you did, Zayn." Harry snapped back and if looks could kill I'm sure that Zayn would be dead. 

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