When I had just woken up, I completely remembered where I was.

The first thing I noticed was two arms wrapped around my waist, and someone breathing softly on the back of my neck. I pulled the arms off and turned around; Jacks face was inches away from mine. I smiled and softly applied my lips to his right when his eyes slowly opened and he wiped them.

"Good morning" I whispered and then stood up to stretch. He sprawled out on the bed and cuddled with the covers. I quietly tip toed over to his bag and bent over down to it. It smelt like axe deodorant, I grinned and pulled out a Nike T-Shirt.

I faced my back to him and took off my tank top, and then my bra, then put on the shirt. And then I put on some of his sweats. I snuggled with the big shirt, it smelt amazing.

I crawled back onto the bed and laid next to him. "Jack" I whispered, he just groaned. I pulled the sheets over us and moved in closely to him. A smile grew on his face and he pressed his lips against mine. "Good morning" he said, his voice real groggy.. "Morning, you look lovely" I laughed, glancing at his dark brown messy hair, "You too".

He sat up and wiped his face then stretched up.

"What time is it" he asked. I shrugged, considering my phone had died. "Phone's dead". He leaned over and checked his phone, it was 8:45. "What time do you think I should get you home" he asked, wiping his last eye booger. "Can I call" I asked holding out my hand, and he handed me his phone.

I dialed my dad's number and he picked up on the first ring. "Dad, its Morgan." "Morgan, sweetie where are you" he asked, I heard the concern in his voice. "Well, Jacks truck ran out of gas last night and we stopped at this motel" "motel? What motel? And you slept with him" he seemed raged. "No, no, no, dad, we didn't sleep together" I lied, but I knew if I told him the truth Jack was a dead man. "Well, what motel, I can bring you guys some gas" he sighed, "motel 6, in Beacon Hills" "you stay in that room and do not come out, I'm serious Morgan, you stay right there" he yelled, and with that he hung up.

"Your dad must not like Beacon Hills" Jack laughed. "I know I wouldn't, this place is infested with werewolves" he groaned standing up. "Werewolf?" it sounded funny when he said it out loud. "Yeah, when did you get bit" he said.

The bite, the eyes, everything came back to me; it was almost as if I wanted to drain it out of my mind. "Yeah, oh you must not-" he stopped and looked at me strangely. "I could teach you" he chuckled. "Teach me what" I asked, very curious. "How to control it, do you know anything about wolfs, and their packs" he asked, he put on some shorts that were on the floor, he was completely naked...

. "I know that they're stronger in packs, I think, right?" "yeah, and the leader is..." I shrugged; I guess he thought I knew the answer. "An Alpha, but that title is rewarded, it isn't just handed to you. And then betas are the ones who follow the Alpha in its pack, and then Omega is the lone wolf."

"Isn't that dangerous?" "yeah, especially if hunters find you" he laughed, brushing his thick hair up into a quaff. "Hunters" I groaned. "Yeah, they've been hunting werewolves for generations, but they go by a code. They hunt wolfs that hunt them." "So they don't just kill any werewolf they run into?" "oh no, unless you happen to try to, possibly, rip out their throats then yeah you're gone" he laughed.

"Wait, which am I? Alpha, Beta, or Omega", I thought an Alpha sounded cool, but again he said it isn't just handed to you, and then again it all sounded like I was a ten year old playing pretend. "Omega" he said sitting next to me. "No, I don't want to be" I gasped. He chuckled, "you don't have to be" he said, putting his hand on mine, I felt like he was putting something down that I wasn't picking up. "Are you an Alpha" I asked. "Proudly" "do you have a pack?" "Yeah, an Alpha pack". "Alpha pack, they have those?" He laughed and rubbed my arm. "Ye-"

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