Chapter 15

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We go in the ocean and when we get use to the water Cam pulls me in and hugs me.

"Why'd you hug me," I say and giggle.

"So I can do this," he says and than crashes his lips onto mine. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, no breaking the kiss. I pull away for air and than kiss him again. His lips are perfectly soft.

After we kissed we got out of the water and everyone decided to go to a diner for lunch/dinner.

We all sat down and I sat next to Cam and on the other side of me was Amy and next to Amy was Matt. I'm almost positive they're dating.

Cam gets a text and excuses himself from the table.

I nudge Amy and tell her to come to the bathroom with me

I really want to find out if they're dating. The bathroom is in the front of the restaurant so we walk to the front

"Are you and Matt dating ?"

"I don't know really but we've kissed a bunch of times!" She squeals.

"Rea-" I try to say and she cuts my of "lex" she says softly while pointing to something behind me.

I turn around and my jaw drops.


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