A Day in the Life of Elaina

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"Elaina,wake up." I feel my moms hand on my shoulder shaking me back and forth. "Ugh," My mom leaves the room and 5 minutes later, I slowly rise out if bed. I get dressed, brush my hair and my teeth, put on some mascara, and grab my bag. I yawn as I walk across the basement to the stairs. When I get to the top of the stairs, I grab a granola bar, slip on some flats and get in the car. We drop off my two brothers, then drive to my school. My mom is our high school counselor, so we drive together in the morning. Also, going to such a small school, our middle school, elementary school, and high school are all connected. We walk in the high school doors, and go straight to the high school office. We say hey to the secretary's and then we go to my moms office. I throw my stuff on the floor and sit in one of her big comfy chairs in front of her desk. I sit on my phone, talking to my mom till the clock says 7:45. Then I say bye to my mom, grab my bag and walk to the middle school.i go to the gym and sit with the 6th graders in the 6th grade section. I sit with my best friends, Maddie and McKaylee, and my boyfriend Michael. When the bell finally rings, me and my friends walk to our lockers. I say bye to Michael then head to my 1st class. My 1st class I the most boring. It is Math with Mrs. Asano. After math, me and all the others girls grab our gym bags and head to the locker room. Gym is ALWAYS full of drama. Our gym coach is fun, her name is Coach Chaney. We stretch then play some kind of game. After gym, we all go back to our lockers, then to our 3rd hour class. Which for me is Social Studies with Mrs.York. She is a pretty awesome teacher I have to say. After that is lunch. ( My most favorite time of the day)

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