2: "I'm telling you I'm not a bloody mental!"

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So sorry for this insanely long time for an update. I just had a lot of stress for a while and kind of abandoned Wattpad. But now i'm back and hopefully will be able to continue writing c: if anyone is still reading, i mean. Anyway thanks for everyone's support !!

Warning: Contains Mild Language.


Bad Boy In Love

Chapter Two: "I'm telling you, I'm not a bloody mental!"


Oh my fudgeballs. Dear lord, how the fiddlesticks did you get me in this situation? Are you honestly trying to get me pissed. Because I will tell you now, it's bloody well working alright. I swear today everyone had a meeting to discuss 'a million ways to piss Tay off just for our own entertainment' and it is sure as hell working.

I have no idea how i'm going to get myself out of this situation. I guess i should explain, at this very moment I am stuck in a locker. Oh no, not just any locker, a locker in the boys changing room, and you know what tops it off? Only just the whole basketball team, getting changed! I mean if I were an honest person I would admit that it was my naïveness which got me into this situation.

That was if, and the other reason is because of the devil himself who conveniently dragged me into this room. This god awful place where no girl should ever step foot into, unless they were something you'd pick of the corner of an alley, but that's not the point.

The point is how the hell im gonna get out of this situation, i could always just walk out and say i was abducted by aliens who just transported me into the locker after they analyzed me and found out i was a nut job.

That could work. That is if Mr. you know who steps away from the locker. But i don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

You must be thinking: "Why don't you just wait until all of them leave then you can go," But believe me in all of this stench you wouldn't have lasted as long as i have already, honest to God its that bad.

"My man, Callum. Apparently you banged a fit blonde in a restaurant yesterday." Ew, who asks crap like that?

"Ha, yeah its true. But damn it was kinda fishy down there." I assume, Callum replies.

Roars of laughter fill the room, whilst I'm here attempting to not throw up everywhere. Is this really what boys talk about, if it is that's bloody vile.

Banging on the locker door shook me from my thoughts, crap. From the slots located at the top of the locker, i tentatively peeked through it.

"Ah!" I yelp, falling back onto my but, successfully banging my head in the process. I rub the back of my head gently, as jolts of pain shot through my body. Well that was clever if me.

Yo, what was that noise." a voice asked,
most likely scanning the room to try find the culprit.

"What noise?" a husky voice replied. It was Mason, i could tell.

And i can just tell that he has a sort of testing tone to his words, practically challenging someone to go against what he is saying, no one did, which is good for them i suppose.

Anyone who is asking for a death wish would only go against him, i mean if you seen the boy, no; man actually, you would most likely run for the hills.

But now, rather than focusing on his velvety, smooth voice. I'd rather to find a way to get out of here fast. I don't know how much longer I can take this stanky smell. If only this stupid idiot would get out of my way. It's his bloody fault i'm in here. Him and his stupid orders, stupid voice, stupid face. All of his being is just stupid.


"Come with me, now."

"It'll only be a minute"

"I swear."

Ha. Ha. Ha. Just a minute. A minute. I could handle that, i thought. That's when i abandoned my gorgeous baby for a minute. And, i never seen it again. It had only been such a short time of our meeting. There. . . there was so much more it could have given. But that b*stard had to go and separate the connection we had, he was jealous. I could tell.

Because he didn't have the same connection with his sandwich. Hmph. Why do people gotta be so jealous for? Just cause they don't got the sandwich.

I was a bit skeptical, since this huge chunk of a man had dragged me through the hallways, and into the first door he could get to. Which was the boys changing room, shocker right? Pretty cliche if you tell me. But anyhow, it happened.

I was royally f'd when the sounds of approaching idiots echoed through the room. I've been around quite a few idiots in my life, so it's easy to spot a bunch from 100 miles away.

Wait, scratch that. That was rude of me to say.

I meant 1000 miles.


As soon as the remaining voices left the room, i threw open the door, slightly budging the huge mountain in front of me. I was in a trance. When exiting, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. And i ran. I ran in slow motion, laughs escaping my mouth with each step. A huge smile spread across my face. It felt so refreshing and free to be released from that cage. It was the perfect fantasy.

"The f*ck?"


Fantasy ruined.


Ok so thats all for now. Hopefully it was amusing. Probably not, but oh well.

I just wanted to thank everyone once again for reading! Update will be in a couple of days c:


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