Chapter 6

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 A little secret

A little wish

A little connection

A big happiness…

Chapter 6

They are...?!

Sorami’s POV

   What?! Me again?! I thought Momo is taking the place of telling this story! Oh well, I guess I miss remembered the chapter… Anyway, let’s continue where we left off yesterday

   As I opened my eyes, I was in Ari’s house, as I tried to sit up, my head hurts, my shoulder in real big pain. Suddenly a voice appear: “You shouldn’t be trying to get up, you are still injured”. “EEP!!!” – I got shocked my the voice, I turned back “Yomi-san! You scared me!” I pouted while shouting. She giggled then she kneel down and change the bandages on the shoulder for me. As I look at the wound, I suddenly remember o one person that got hurt mentally and physically kinda badly too… Momo~ just kidding, just kidding~ I remembered of Ari and I ask immediately: “Yomi-san! Where is Ari?”, she look at me and smiled: “She is sleeping in her room, resting, I glad that you remember  about my sister”. I quietly look at Yomi-san, and somehow I just remembered about what the man said about Ari’s past… I look at Yomi-san: “Do you know that Ari…”, she nodded: “I was banned from my house because I brought her home, but to me, she isn’t a bad girl but she have a painful past, so I try to make a happy present life for her so that she won’t have to suffer like how she did when she was young”. So she knows, I guess she should have known since they live with each other for 8 years already. I continue: “Then I guess Ari is kinda like Joker when she got pissed when people talk about her past right? Hehehehe…” I stopped as I caught a slight sadness appear in Yomi-san’s eyes, then she stood up: “Okay, your shoulder wpuld be okay now” – she smiled, the smiled look like fake then she give me Momo’s hair: “I see you collect Ari’s hair, I think you’ll interested in Momo’s hair so I took it for you”. I take the hair and smirked a bit: “okie, thanks Yomi-san”. I have always see they have lots of similar things, so I thought of checking their DNA but I need something to check and hair is also available! I was so excited I keep smiling in the most perverted way you could ever think of. Then I look up and notice that she was still there, staring at me in confusion. “er… sorry if I act strange!” – I said, she tilt her head a bit and say: “You acted really strange in my point of view” then she walked out. It was so awkward!

  So I ignore the injured shoulder and walk to the hospital, they all gasped and surprised as they see me, at first I was quite confused but as I look at myself, I notice the wound on my shoulder was really deep, it’s strange that Yomi-san could make it look so harmless. I ignore the ones staring at me and go straight to the room that I can check the DNA or whatsoever and it was NOT cheap! Sheesh, everything got so expensive all of a sudden these days. When the examiner walked out, I ran over to ask, they said it match! I was so shocked. N9w what? I never thought it would go this far. I ran to Yomi-san’s place and tell her about it and ask her what should I do, she said: “you should go ask them about it or at least lure the one who knows the answer to tell the truth”. I told Momo about it and I told her to ask Ari about Ari’s past family, let’s see if we got more clue or not. Momo agree and look quite excited somehow, oh yes, if they are real sisters then it’s legal for them to stay in the same house… I never thought of that =w= .

  The next day, we come to class, Momo tried to ask Ari but Ari ignored. Ari was injured quite badly on her arms and legs and face but yet she is still dragging her body to school, I guess she don’t want to disappointed her sister even though they aren’t blood-related. In break time, I gave out a fake excuse to go away so Momo can ask Ari personally. “Ari, can chu tell me about chur old family?” Momo asked.  Ari sighed and replied: “which part do you wanna hear?”. It was so unfair! Whenever I’m around, she won’t tell but when I’m off she is telling?! I thought to myself. As I look back at them, Momo was pulling her tongue out at me! ( she meant this  ). That little brat cat! Then Momo tunred back at Ari: “The part before chu get inchu in red bunnies houwie!” . Ari looked at her:” It’s really hard to understand all you say you know that?”, I giggled by that sentence. “Ari chu meanie! Are chu gunna tell or not?” – Momo pouted. Ari sighed: “alright alright. Before I joined the rabbit family, I live in a plain house with one mom, one dad, one twin sister”. Twin sister she said… “Me and my twin have lots of in common but mostly we are really opposite. The fact that when I was thrown away, she still gets to stay in it’s also bother me for a long time. Though I don’t hate her, she was precious to me”, Momo tilted her head: “But it happened chuu long agu, how do chu still remembu?” , Ari look at Momo: “cuz you and her got too much in common that I remember about our times whenever I look at you”. Momo scratched her head. I never thought she would tell it all, no wonder Ari always seem to act more comfortable around Momo since she gets the feeling they know a long time ago, now I get how she feels.  Then the principal jump down of the tree all of the sudden, I was so surprised I yelled: “what the heck?!”. Ari notice both of us, she look at us with the most devilish (in my funny way) you can ever think of. “WHY ARE YOU TWO CREEPERS STALKING US?!” Ari shouted, Mina replied: “Because at first I was going to say sorry to you since I heard to whole past story of yours the other day and during the fight, I didn’t do anything but as I reached here, you were talking about your real family so I resist myself >.>” , then Ari look at me” AND YOU?! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!”, I pulled out the paper that wrote the examination result: “I have something I wanna show you and I wanna make sure you have a real sister before I showed you it and embarrassed myself but since you have a twin sister, and you and Momo have a lot of in common, and you both feels like you know each other a long time ago I think you should see this” then I hand Ari the paper. “Match?” – Ari said. “So chu mean…” – momo continue” . “We are twins?” –they both said in the same moment, then they look at each other and then they look at me… “w..what did I do?...” I shilvered as they both stare at me creepily. “THANK YOU!!!/CHU!!!!” –they shouted and jump on me and of couse, what human being can stand still with two cats are jumping on her right? So we all landed on the ground, my back hurt the most but it wasn’t the thing I was thinking of. “Today, was a great day” –Ari said. True, it is a really great day

Even we got separated

Our blood are still connected

Our heart is still believe that

We will finally be together

To Be Continue…

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