I walk out of the plane, and I am blinded by the sun; I'm almost knock over by the heat.

"Woah, watch your step princess," Harry says from behind me as he grabs my waist.

"Keep you hands to your self," I hiss at him.

I hear him chuckle as I walk down the planes stairs.

I see a car to the right of the plane and I automatically walk towards. Once I get to the car I see that all the boys and Mardi are already piled in. I hop In and take a seat next to Niall.

"Hello Colleen," Niall greats.

"Hey Blondie," I smile at him.

When Harry gets to the car and sees me sitting next to Niall, he gets a weird look on his face.

Is he mad?

If he is I could care less.

It's an hour to the hotel, and that hour is spent with Niall telling me really bad jokes, he's a funny kid.

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?" I ask him.

"Little old lady."

"Little old lady who?"

"I didn't know you could yodel?" With that we both start laughing.

"Niall!" We both turn to Harry.

"That was my joke!" Harry spits.

"Sorry Haz... Good joke that," Niall stammers.

Why is Harry so moody? Why do I have the feeling that it's just when I'm around?


We finally get to the hotel, and check into our rooms. Mardi and I are on a different floor from the boys. We are sharing a room with some of the other dancers. Ava's in our room!

"Hey! how was your flight?" she asks as soon as I walk though the door.

"Good, I'm a bit jet legged though. What about you?"

"Oh mine was great, but not as good as yours... So I heard you flew with the boys!?"

"Ya, I don't know why they chose Mardi and I to fly with them?" I question.

"Well, there is a rumour going around that one of them likes you!"

Fuck. What?

"Oh... Ok," I don't really know what else to say to that.

"Oh ok?! It's a member of one direction, not some creepy guy in your gym class. If I was you I'd be way more excited!"

Ya but If the member who likes me is who I think It is, then I have reasons not to be excited. I just hope it's not him.

After I unpack most of my suit case; I decide to go explore the hotel. I leave my room and take the elevator down to the lobby. I find the door to the pool and go outside into the heat. This hotel is so big and fancy, I'm surprised I even found the pool.

I find a lounge chair and start tanning; Im only tanning for about 10 minutes before I'm interrupted by someone calling my name.

Please don't be him.

"Hey sunshine!" Niall greats me.

Oh thank god not Him.

"Hey Niall, did you come to work on your tan too?" I tease.

"Oh you know it," he says in his best girl voice.

I laugh as he sits down to join me.

We start talking about the tour and how fun it will be, but somehow our conversation turns to the topic of Harry.

"Is Harry usually this moody?" I ask the Irish boy.

"No, he is usually a really chill guy, I don't know what's wrong with him."

"Do you know what happened to make him so flustered?" I questioned.

"Well To be honest, he started acting weird when he started talking to you," He said with a slightly guilty look on his face.

"Oh shit, really?."

I can't help but feel like Harry's change is all my fault.

"I'm sure it's not your fault Coll," Niall seems to answer my thoughts.

"Ya, I guess it doesn't matter anyway."

It's his problem not mine, if he has some sort of issue with me he should just come out and say it .

"Speak of the devil," Niall says under his breath.


"Hey," I jump when I hear Harry's voice behind me.

"Hey Harry, what's up?" Niall questions.

"Niall could you leave me and Colleen alone for a bit?"

"Ya sure thing Haz," Niall gets up and walks away.

Shit, Niall don't leave!

I turn to Harry as he sits on the chair opposite me.

"Colleen, we need to talk."

Oh god.

(Hey guys! Really sorry for the slow update, I had a lot of dance competitions. I hope you like the story so far, sorry if it's not accurate all the time and sorry for the spelling mistakes :(

Thanks for reading :)




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