Chapter 9: Crying Hearts

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Chapter 9: Crying Hearts

            “I’m so sorry (f/n),” I whisper to her.

            Coming into the doors, the doctors come in, informing us what we had already figured out. Thus causing her to cry harder into my parka as I caress her head and rub her back in comfort…

            “Why did this happen,” (f/n) asked angrily, thick tears sliding down her face.

            “I’m sorry…I could have done something…,” I think to myself.

            She looked up to me from my parka, but she had not left her tightened grasp. I looked at her with my bright blue eyes, saddened. Moaning, she dug her face onto my shoulder and cried harder. I didn’t know how long we’ve been here, but it must have been a while.

            “Miss (l/n), um…Mister Mccormic needs to leave. You will need to be staying a few more nights to check…after what just occurred…,” said the nurse, as she left solemnly.

            Being pushed back lightly, I got up with a now soaking parka. Timidly, she lifted up a shaking right hand barely grabbing the bottom of his parka. Her other arm limp held her broken left hand weighing it down like a boulder.

            Turning around, I put my hand on her shoulder, and I look at her with a small smile. From her expression, she knew my blue eyes held enormous amount of sympathy for me…

            Giving her a hug, I rub her back and whispers, “I’ll be back…I need to make it up to you—”

            Pushing me away, she yells fiercely, “You saved my life first! I owe you more…even if you couldn’t…you can’t avenge it…”

            Confused, I open my mouth to speak but was cut off once more.

            “…i-it’s…it’s my job to do that Kenny…,” silently said (f/n).

            Nodding, I get up and leave silently…thinking to myself.

            “a-ah…Kenny…wait…,” (f/n) pleaded lightly, but I as too deep in thought to notice.

            Exiting the building, I stand outside the entrance doorway. Thinking I should be on my way home…I just…I can’t fucking accept this! It fucking died! It’s dead…because I couldn’t save it…now (f/n) has no child…and Cartman…CARTMAN! He’ll fucking pay! THAT BASTARD! He’s fucking lucky if I don’t bump into the poor bastard at this moment.

            Lifting up the hood of my parka, I sigh and walk towards the park. I don’t necessarily feel like going home right away…anyway everyone’s probably fighting or dead drunk.

            “I can’t fucking wait for tomorrow…” I mutter to myself.


            Not surprisingly Cartman has missed out on school…again. It’s been four days, and he doesn’t have a fucking vagina to get his fatass to school and face (f/n) or me. Then again, (f/n) has been forced to stay at home and is currently taking therapy. I haven’t heard from her since. I don’t believe anyone knows of her situation. In fact, the school just said she was ill for the time being. I wonder if she called in for a special request or some shit like that…

            “Kenny! It’s been four days…do you know anything about (f/n),” asked Stan abruptly as I closed my locker.

            “Mmmp mrrmph,” I ask.

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