Crazy or nahh (quick stories 2)

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Ok so here's another one

I was at home have me a good ole sleep to u o them rude interruptions. yeah that how it was

the teacher yess the teacher bangs on the door like he own da place an I get up his crazy self come with his daughter talkin bout yeah lol girl u wanna fight bring it

I'm lookin at I'm like what u talm bout so i say.......wait......I paused for a moment....."ok who wait u want me to fight u and she watch or....what like me to fight her and u enjoy like what u talm bout "

Here his proper but come talm bout "no I want her the intelligent one to fight you.....and then I watch"

Ok it's what Eva let's go ugh

the girl turned around and grabbed my arm supper tight so I grab hers and she grips tighter and so as I'm squeezing her arm is hard as I dnt no what I'm scratching my head the I start pinching her and it feels like metal. ..,.man when I tell u I screamed I screamed m still shocked

To Be Continued...... not just go to the next part......

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