Act II

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Scene I, Morning, theatre dressing room, Ted is applying makeup. Ghost appears in his mirror.

Ted: Go away! I don't have time for your pranks this morning. I have to get back out there!

Ghost (in hurt voice): Pranks? I'm trying to help you!

Ted: Stealing tools? Breaking the stool? Sylvia could have been hurt!

Ghost: I wanted to help fix the stool! And don't you get why I broke it? I broke a leg on the stool. Get it? Break a leg for good luck! I want your silly play to be a success!

Ted: Silly! We have a famous actress as the lead!

Ghost: Well, you have to admit, it's not Shakespeare... Oh, now I see... you have a thing for Miss Sylvia. How interesting... Maybe we can use that to improve your performance...

Ted: What are you talking about? (realizing the ghost is no longer in the mirror, he turns and looks around) I must be losing my mind.

Scene II, main stage. Director and Sylvia onstage, Ted enters left, Ghost following.

Ted: I'm ready!

Director: Great, great, let me just tell the others when they're needed. Exits stage right.

Sylvia, petulent: I don't know why I have to put in extra time whem you're the one that needs work.

Ted: Well, we do have to perform the scene together...

Ghost, in his ear: Ask her for help.

Ted whirls around.

Sylvia: What are you doing?

Ted: You don't see...? I mean, I was wondering what you were looking at. Maybe the scene would work better if you looked into my eyes.

Sylvia: YOU are trying to give advice to ME?

Ghost: Abort, abort! Don't tell her what to do! Flatter her, appeal to her experienced advice.

Ted: No, no, just thinking out loud, trying to get what the director thinks is missing. what would you suggest?

Sylvia: Well, I think we should slow the pace down, add some dramatic pauses, and yes, if we're supposed to be in love, maybe some longing gazes wouldn't be a bad idea.

Director, entering stage right: Exactly what I was going to suggest! Now if that stool has been fixed, have a seat and let's pick up where we left off.

Scene III, dressing room. Sylvia is brushing out her hair and removing jewelry. Ted is removing makeup. Ghost appears in Ted's mirror again.

Ghost: Ask her out!

Ted: Are you crazy?

Sylvia: What!?!

Ted, scowling at the ghost: I said are you busy? I thought maybe we could have a drink. We could talk about the play and you could give me some more ideas on how to improve my acting.

Sylvia: Well, I guess that would be alright. Let me just change into street clothes. Exits right.

Ted, to ghost: What are you trying to do to me?

Ghost: I'm try-ing to help. You like her! And if you can get her to like you.... why it will give your scene the spark it needs!

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