Chapter 5

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A big world

A small person

A big reason

A small past

Chapter 5

Secret Blown

Sorami’s POV

   After Momo was kidnapped and Ari was badly hurt, we gather to Ari’s house, Yomi-san was shocked when we walked in. After some hours, Ari woke up from resting, then we start thinking about wht should we do. “I don’t think we should do anything! Just fight and get Momo back! That’s it!” – Ari suggested in anger, her idea was rejected by the principal: “No! We can’t solve things by power1”, Ari doesn’t agreed: “Most of the time we all use power to do things! Just bark don’t bite is just gonna make them look down on us in a really bad way!”, The principal replied: “But it’s not always work! And we also need a plan to do things! We can’t just come and fall into whatever trap we planned! Have you ever thought of it?!”, Ari sighed and replied: “I am not the one who kill my brain just because of one person”, I got curious: “and you are almost killing your brain because Momo now, what make you change?” , she glares at me: “Shut up”, I pouted. When she was asleep, I manage to got her hair, I don’t know what am I going to do with it but I think it’ll help one day.

  Yomi-san step into the room while we are discussing (arguing), she joined the discussing too: “How about doing both? You all know how to fight right? Mina can start talking, some stay away to get ready from afar and one skilled one stay next to Mina to give out a strike whenever they do something suspicious” . We all frozed when we realize how reasonable Yomi-san is and they follow that but they also get the money ready in case things goes not as planned.

  We sleep in Yomi-san’s room since they don’t have other room and Yomi-san sleep with Ari. I was suppose to stay at home as what they said but I can’t just sit in one place and wait for my friends got destroy! Even though I am not that much of help but I won’t wait and do nothing! So about 3 AM when they woke up and get ready I also get ready but secretly, I was busted by Yomi-san but she said: “If you think it’s okay to be sacrifice for a person then you can do it because risking your life for a person is not wrong but you have to see if it’s worth it or not, good luck”. I was kinda frozed by the thing she said but as soon as I realize they walked out, I astarted to speed up and go after them. Ari was really pissed when she saw me, she was all like: “DIDN’T I TOLD YOU TO NOT COME HERE?! WHAT IS UP WITH YOU! YOU CAN BE KILLED OUT THERE!”, I was kinda pissed by that too: “YOU WON’T BE SAVE EITHER! I CAN’T JUST SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING WHILE YOU RISK YOUR LIFE! MOMO IS MY FRIEND TOO, IDIOT!” . We were silent for awhile then the three of us walked there. As we arrived, I shilvered since the air is cold and it’s dark and kinda creepy. When the door opens, the image of Momo was tied up on a chair and two mans standing next to her was there. Ari step up: “Let her go! We gt the money for you! You freaks!”, they look at Ari and chuckle: “isn’t this the red rabbit one who escaped from us 10 years ago?!Wow, such a coincidence! Haha!”, Ari give out and big “tsk” and shout: “SHUT UP YOU RETARDED SH*T! JUST TAKE THE F*CK*NG MONEY AND GIVE HER BACK!”. Even though today wasn’t the first time she says bad words but somehow it’s scarier than the other times she said them.. then the ones who got Momo continue chuckling: “You think we don’t know who you really are? You are so much of a liar that you can’t tell your friends about who you are?” , “SHUT UP!”- Ari shouted. The ones got Momo continue: “You are a white cat! You are no rabbit! You can’t even run as fast as rabbits! When we abou to catch you, your adopted mom saved you! You are nothing more than the useless cat that killed your own mother!”. Ari covered her head (ears): “STOP IT!”, she shilvered, me and Mina was frozen, it was so unexpected to have the ones who got Momo to know Ari and her past. “You wanna know more?” –that person continue-“She is also the student of the legendary  assassin too! Isn’t that such a shame that you have the assassin as your teacher that you don’t tell your friends?” then that guy throw a ninja star that Ari, it fly above Ari’s head, make her hoddie’s hat fell off, show her white cat ears. Ari stands up, somehow me and Mina was speechless and unable tp move. Ari look at them, one o her eye was covered, the eye that was shown starts to have water fall out of it, Ari scream, really loud, that screaming voice… I somehow can feel like all her pain in the pass 10 years was released, Momo twitched and starts to mumble something and start to struggling as well. Ari screamed for awhile then look at them with a Joker’s smile and red blooded eyes, her tears turned all red, then she said: “Hehhehehheheheheheheheheheheh…… stop barking dogs…. Let’s play~~~~”  then suddenly, everything was dark black, I can feel something splash on my face, I can hear screams and sound of something sharp that is cutting something like meat but I can’t see anything. Then a small sunlight manage to sneak in, I saw Ari almost stab a guy with a huge knife, “NO! STOP!”, even though they caught Momo and mentally hurted Ari but seeing Ari killing a life… it’s unbearable for me… So I jump in and pull Ari out, Ari’s knife stab into my shoulder, i threw Ari on the floor away from me while trying to catch my breath. Ari try to crawl up and glares at me: “Weren’t you here for help?!”, I look at her with anger in my eyes: “YOU ARE DOING NO HELP EITHER!”. Suddenly, Mina shouted: “Watch out!”, I turned back and saw a guy running with a knife straight at me, and the other one was behind Momo raised the knife and said: “it’s time to end this stupid game!”, “No!” – Ari shouted.

   Suddenly, some green wire with 5 leaves on the tip appear and tied the one who is attacking us, it broke that men’s head and go right through the heart of the one who is going to stab Momo then disappear. Mina run to Momo and release Momo, I was very happy, I tried to walk to Momo, when I look at Ari, she was fainted, maybe because today was a really tough day even though it’s only the morning, I look at Momo, she I hugging Mina and crying. I don’t know who should I come to… but I was too tired… I feel down.. everything got blurry and darker… then darker… than darker… then it all covers in darkness… I can hear people calling out for me and Ari… they came eh?... slow asses….

Telling me to live my life

Stand between my heart and soul

Asking me what do I need?

Find yourself right beside…

To Be Continue…

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