Ch. 6 - Lizzie

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Harry slowly woke up to the sound of banging, sighing loudly.. He got up, only to be pulled back down by the chain. His captor walked in and smiled as he saw Harry awake.

"Good morning, Harry." His gruff voice said, Harry nodded numbly in response. Harry leaned his back against the wall, sighing softly. He wondered when they were going to find him. When he was going to be saved. He missed them all so much.. He fell his heart break every time he got slapped, or hurt. He just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But he couldn't do that.. He needed to stay for his friends, one direction and his fans. He would've left already if it wasn't for One direction, Eleanor and his fans. He couldn't wait until the cops showed up, and arrested his captor. He wanted so badly for the cops to burst in the door, arresting him on the spot. But that day hasn't come, and Harry will wait patiently.

"Time for your daily punishment, and then you can shower.." The captor smiled evilly, as he unlocked Harry's arms, and dragged him out. Harry just let him drag him out, he couldn't stop it. It would only make the punishment harder. So he learned to just let it be. He wont interfere with the punishment, it will only get worse.


The captor pushed Harry to the wall, making a banging sound. Harry coughed loudly, rubbing his head. He hit his head on the wall, and it hurt a lot. He sighed and got up again. He looked at the captor for approval, pointing to the bathroom. He didn't talk much, He learned to be quiet the past week. It hurt not to talk, he was so talk-able but now, he barely talked. The captor nodded slightly, and pointed to the bathroom. Harry walked in the bathroom, and shut the door.

He turned on the faucet, stripping until he was completely naked. He soon got in, letting the warm water hit his back and hair. He let out a sigh of relief as he washed his hair, and body. He let the green apple conditioner stay in his hair for a while, until he had no knots. He washed the conditioner out of his hair, while ruffling his hair up. He soon got up and grabbed a towel, draping it around his waist. He dried his body and his hair, before slipping on the clothes that were on the toilet. He walked out in the dimly lit room to see it empty. He sighed and sat down against the wall. He was so bored, He hadn't seen the actual light in a week. He needed fresh air, something he wasn't going to get for a while.


Eleanor woke up to the sun beaming in her new temp room, She closed her eyes for a minute before re opening them and closing the shades. Eleanor let out a groan, getting up off the bed. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Liam making breakfast.

"Hey Liam.." Eleanor smiled softly, sitting at the counter as she watched him cook.

"Hey Eleanor. Today were going to the park, so get ready." Eleanor nodded, and went into the bathroom with the bag of clothes she had. She first brushed her teeth, put perfume on, then got dressed in black leggings and a 'I <3 Harry Styles" sweat shirt. She went back to the kitchen to see Niall and Zayn up and ready already. She smiled a good morning to them, and grabbed a piece of bacon off Liam's plate.

"You guys ready? Eleanor you hungry?" Liam asked us, I shook my head but nodded.

"Yeah, were ready." We said in unison.


Eleanor, and everyone (including Louis and Dani) arrived at the park in their new black rang rover. Eleanor walked to the bench and sat down, Louis following after. Everyone else walked around, and talked. Eleanor and Louis sat in an awkward silence, debating on whether or not to talk.

"So, I haven't seen you in a while.. I miss you." Eleanor broke the silence, smiling sadly at Louis. Louis nodded, his eyes glassy from crying so much.

"Yeah, El. I miss you too." He sighed softly, and hugged Eleanor's side. Eleanor leaned into him, smiling contently. Soon everyone joined Louis and Eleanor but with a different girl. Eleanor looked at her curiously, smiling.

"Eleanor, Louis. This is Lizzie. She was bored, and I asked her to join us." Harry smiled as he introduced Lizzie to Eleanor and Louis. Eleanor smiled widely, and shook Lizzie's hand.

"Nice to meet you!" She faked a smile, trying to be actually happy. But she just couldn't. Everywhere she looked reminded her of Harry. She pulled her hoodie closer to her body, It was a bit chilly out today, sighing.. She leaned back on the bench, watching the view of little kids playin around on the playground, and the rest of her group playing games. They acted like kids most of the time, it was quite cute actually.


Louis sat on the bench next to Eleanor, quietly fiddling with his fingers. It was quite awkward between Eleanor and Louis as they quietly sat next to each other, neither of them saying anything.

"Eleanor, We need to talk.." It was Louis who broke the ice between the two. Eleanor nodded slightly and looked over at Louis with glassy eyes. Her cheeks were a rosy pink from the cold.

"I know Louis," She smiled sadly, knowing what was going to happen next. "I think we need a break Louis." She stood up and sighed. Louis nodded and looked up at her with rosy cheeks and glassy eyes from the cold. It was the day after Christmas. They spent Louis' birth day at home, having a party. Louis got up too, and took both of her hands.

"Yeah, I agree El. I'm sorry, but we can still be friends?" Louis smiled, Eleanor smiling back. She nodded, and kissed his cheek. She knew he had a thing for Harry, even when he didn't know it himself. You could be blind and still see the attraction and love they have for each-other. Louis knew it was for the best, He just had a feeling she wasn't the one.

"Of course we can Louis, you'll still see a lot more of me because Harry.." Eleanor laughed lightly. She knew Harry was going to be found soon, he had to be. And for some reason, Louis had butterflies in his stomach just thinking of him. He always got them, but he always said it was nervousness. Louis laughed lightly too, pulling her closer to him in a tight hug.

"Bye Eleanor." Louis whispered as Eleanor pulled away, and walked away.

"Bye Louis." Were her last words as she disappeared in the taxi that pulled up.

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