Bens POV:

I roughly slammed the door to the bathroom. And ran a hand through my hair. what was she doing? laying in the lake in the middle of the night.

Confusion and anger tinted my vision.

I sat on the floor and propped my back up against the door. ten minutes passed as I stares at the ceiling.

Half an hour later I was wiping my eyes, drying my tears and heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Elsa was still in our room. silent as ever.

I tip toed to the bedroom and peeked in, she lay on the bed curled in a ball in the clothes I have her.

"Elsa why did you let it go?" I asked myself and took my spot next to her pulling her int my arms and breathing out a sigh of relief.

When I woke up Elsa was gone, I for up and headed to the kitchen and saw her making eggs.

"You hungry?" she turned around smiling. I regarded her silently and walked to the dining table. I sat down and she placed a plate of eggs I front of me.

"Thank you babe" I said and she smiled, almost as if she had forgotten what happened last night.

I chewed and watched her head back into the kitchen. she pulled her hair into a bun and giggled at my gaze.

"Elsa...about what happened last night.." I began and she nodded:

"I know soul surfer is a super amazing movie."

"No no not that." I shook my head

"What then?"

"Elsa, don't play this game. you really scared me, finding you like that."

"Finding me like what?"

I stifled my anger and stared at her.

"Elsa...finding you in the creek, crying, and not saying anything."

Elsa froze and tilted her head away from me. "what?"

"Elsa you heard me, stop playing this game. you were there"

She shook her head. "I never went into the creek at night, I don't know what your talking about."

I stood up and paced the kitchen confused. "Elsa I found you last night, laying in the creek. you were upset and crying and wouldn't say anything to me other than answering no that you weren't depressed."

She looked down at her hands and back up at me.

"ben, I swear that I felt depressed in the car we both were upset and I still feel very vulnerable, but I swear to you I never went to the creek last night. and I wasn't in it at all"

I stared at my feet and let out a frustrates sigh.

"Elsa we need to get out of here."

I sprinted back to our room and grabbed my suit case.

Elsa followed me back to the room

"Ben what are you saying? I work here? I live here, my whole life is built here."

"Elsa, everything here is dangerous. don't you get it? Steve is still out there, he is still looking for you. we have to leave."

She sat on the bed and watched me stuff our clothes into a big suit case.

"Pack your stuff. don't tell anyone we are leaving, I am going to book our flight tickets."


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