The Purge Of Graymenbell

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As the fires brightened the city that looked like a hell from above, painting the sky a reddish-yellow color, a little girl hid within the allies. She was holding her doll, a tiny stuffed rabbit, in her fragile hands. She looked up, all around, on both sides of her cautiously before dashing across the street like a wild animal. She heaved her mini-scule chest up and down due to how fast she ran. " Why..? " She said lowly and began to sob. Suddenly, she heard a branch break and looked up to see a deranged man with a rifle in his hands. " Give me the rabbit, pathetic little child " He menaced towards her loading the gun. " You will have to shoot me if you want this, old man! " The little girl cried within angry tears.

The man screamed and loaded the gun, ready to shoot but someone had stabbed him right before he could. A man about 7'5 came to the girl's aid and picked her up. She looked at the man, in his dark green deceiving eyes, " Whom are you?! What do you want with me? " He looked at her and smiled so reassuringly one side of her lip curled a little. " My name is Farthswell, and I am a good man. There is no need to fear me child, I promise " With that he placed her on his shoulder, letting her sleep as he boarded his horse and rode off into the night with her.

When she woke up, she was in a soft bed with silk sheets and fleece-like materials hanging from the bed. The man was sitting right next to her bed, he was looking at her when she looked up at him confused. " Are you hungry...? " He looked at her and she looked at him. She nodded and turned around in the bed away from him. He sighed for he knew gaining her trust would be while.

[ Part 2 will be out later on today so watch out for that ]

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