This is a Bit OFF

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OFF belongs to Mortis Ghost. I own the other characters. @VioletteWaters owns Kira Grey.


Meet Zuri a normal teenage girl who discovers she is being watched by the Batter and soon he claims she is one of the 'Subjects' for a disaster and he attempts to destroy her. Later, she is rescued by a 19 year-old boy called Zacharie, he believes she isn't a Subject; so he hides her-

Wait a minute.

Something's wrong.

A  B I T  O F F


I lay on my mushroom chair at home playing OFF. Just a game where you control this character called the Batter and you fight ghosts and whatnot. I closed my laptop after finishing Zone 1 of the game and placed it down gently on the floor.


I grabbed my phone from out of my pocket and began texting one of my best friends, Jen.

'Just finished Zone 1 so happy.'

A few seconds later,

'Yay! lol but u wont make it on the boss level :D'

I laughed at her reply. She introduced me to OFF, ever since then, I've been obsessed with it.

I set my phone down and checked my clock next to my bed.

3:54 am

You've got to be kidding me.

How long was I playing?

I closed my eyes and calmly fell asleep.

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