Chapter Four

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I woke up to sunlight streaming through the window.I yawned and looked at my alarm clock, it's angry needles declared it was 7:15 . I smiled remembering the events of yesterday and looked next to me at my sleeping son only to be greeted with an empty bed.

I bolted up "Oliver!" i yelled getting out of bed.

"I'm in here mommy" came a reply from outside the room.

I walked into the tiny living room and found him watching TV with Jen's sister.

"Hey Han" Claire greeted.

"Hey Claire, thanks once again for agreeing to babysit Oliver.I really do appreciate it"

"Oh it's nothing Han, I do this all the time and believe me when I say I'm pretty good at it."

Like Jen,Claire was petite, slim, has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair.They look like twins.Claire had just finished high school and was living with their parents.While Jen moved out after getting an internship at a nearby hospital.Yes Jen was in her early twenties and training to become a surgeon.

I smiled knowing my son was in good hands.I walked into the kitchen where Jen was preparing breakfast.

"Morning sleepy head " she teased.

I rolled my eyes at her and stuck out my tongue. "Since when did you get up so early?"

"Since your son moved in" she replied laughing.

I smiled at her sympathetically "Sorry" i shrugged "i guess it's a good thing I'm a heavy sleeper " i replied smirking.

Jen gave me an evil glare "and I guess you better get ready for work before your boss fires you, it's already 7:30" she joked.

I groaned all the way to the bathroom, it was already my second day and I didn't want to go to work.The reason being not wanting to leave my son.

I hastily had my breakfast, smacked a kiss on Oliver's cheek and gave Claire last minute instructions.The ride to the office building was 10 minutes away but with the morning traffic it took about 30 minutes making me late for work.

I handed the driver a 20 and brisk walked into the building.By now most of the people were already in their offices and the place wasn't crowded.I spotted a lift that was about to close "Hold it" i yelled and whoever was inside obeyed.

I rushed in and straightened my blazer in the process.I looked up and got lost in a sea of blue. "Hi" I finally said.The lift was empty leaving me and 'Joshua freaking Colt" from all people alone. I don't know why but being alone with him did not seem like a very good idea. It only made me want him more.

He smiled "Ms Wate, we'll aren't you early!" he replied, leaning back and crossing his ankles.

"I'm sorry I was stuck in traffic, you can cut it off from my pay.It won't happen again..."i shut up realising that i was over talking. I do that when I'm nervous and this man makes me beyond nervous.

He laughs, making me frown.

"You stress too much" he mumbled standing straight and walking towards me. "and frown too much. I guess we'll have to do something about that."

I took a step back and bumped into the wall of the lift behind me.

'I stress and frown too much?? This man...beautiful man barely knows anything about me' I though angrily.

I let out an audible breath, my lips parting, making his eyes travel down to my lips.

He placed both his hands on either side of my head. "Do you have a thing for older woman?" i finally blurted out and instantly regretted it.

He's expression become serious "Maybe I do or maybe it's just you that I have a thing for" he replied in a low voice, his breath rasing the hairs on my neck.

I almost thought he was going to kiss me, when he suddenly pulled back.The doors of the lift opened and he walked out but stopped and turned around "One more thing Ms Wate, you forgot my coffee" he said, then turned around and walked down the hall.

I stood there open mouthed.I quickly composed myself and pressed the button for the ground floor.I was slowly starting to hate this man.

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