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• Gabii

Thursday 13th Febraury

I woke with a start, for some reason not to the usual beeping of my alarm. I checked my clock, 7:50, and I had to be at my first patients at 8:10. Shit.

I hurriedly grabbed my uniform off the floor and threw it on, I was out the door in minutes and I made my way to the food court where I grabbed an apple, which I seemed to be living on lately, and went to my first patient, Patty.

The day flew by and before i knew it I was infront of the door that lead to Zayn's room. I unlocked the door, and stepped inside.

The room was like every other room in this place, blank white walls a bed low to the floor, a chair and a dresser. He was sitting on the ground, staring at his hands it seemed like he hadn't noticed my presence.

I busied myself with making his bed and as I plumped the pillows up he spoke, he voice was rough and deep cutting through the air. "Thankyou." It was a single word, but I blushed.

"It's ok. I have to take you to the wash rooms now." Every second day a patient was taken to the washroom, if they were same enough they had their own bathroom. But they're here because they're not sane so not many do.

Zayn stood slowly, and I realised he eye was still purple and the gash was still very visible and open.

He walked through the door and I walked after him, closing it as I went.

We walked in silence, although the silence wasn't awkward, it's was comforting.

His room was one of the furthest from the washroom, so it took us a good minute to walk there, and there was almost no-one there, apart from two nurse who were both dealing with a patient.

I grab the towels and soap and hand them to zayn, who abruptly closes the curtain and I hear the sound of water hitting the floor.

"can you watch him? He shouldn't be a trouble." I asked the girls, and they nodded, thankfully.

I left the washrooms to go to the first aid cupboard which was only a couple of corridors away, I grabbed some stitches and atheistic and made my way back to the washroom where Zayn was still showering.

A few minutes later he appeared, still in his dirty clothing from yesterday and we walk out in silence. We were approaching his door when all of a sudden his voice cuts through the air.

"Why do you work.. In this place?"

He turns and looks at me, the first time he has, and I feel his eyes burning into me.

"References. You have to start somewhere. It isn't at all a bad job"

We entered his room, "Sit." I told him and I set out the first aid gear. "You don't need to do that." He replied, "We don't want it to get infected, now this May sting a bit." I applied the anthestic to his gash and he didn't move a muscle, which was surprising as I had had patients who would scream.

I started on the stitching, and zayn began to speak again "But surely there would of been other jobs. Something better than this?" I sighed and turned to apply more anthestic "The pay is good, the job is fine, I honestly dont see a problem."

He was one of those patients. One who would always ask questions and who wouldn't stop until he had an answer.

"Sorry..." He mumbled "Dont worry." I finished the stitches, "All done." He smiled, "thanks...?" "Gabii." I filled in for him and went to collecting the leftover first aid. "I'm going to get you a change of clothing, I will be right back."

I turn and leave the room, locking the door behind me, and I return the first aid gear and collect some clothing for him.

I enter the room and he is excatly where I left him, he hadn't moved a muscle. "Here." I say and hand him the clothing, I grab my clipboard and go to writing a few things down.

I look up to see his wound, and gasp. He had no shirt on, and was reaching for the shirt I gave him. His muscles rippled, so strong through his torso, it was like he Was photoshopped.

Zayn turned to look at me and I blushed, hurriedly writing down the information needed.

"Um, I have to go, I will see you to tomorrow." I say and start to leave the room, closing the door. As I did I heard a quiet "Goodnight Gabbi," I smiled slighty "Goodnight Zayn" and with that I turned the key.

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