Chapter 3

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Kathrin's pov

" you stupid whore why was you out there with that boy:" My mom yelled at me from downstairs

" Its non of your fucking concern" i yellled mad at  her she had no right trying to control me now after she abused me constently day after day after day

" You lucky im having friends over or i would've killed you just then for talking back you stupid bitch"  After a while i heard her friends come in the house and the music started.  Knowing her in the next hour my dad is going to come over they are going to fight then he is going to come and rape me. I hate this i need to finish my plan of leaving so i can go. i checked the time and it read 10:45. What if i leave now they wouldnt notice, but where would i go to i have no place to go and no one to live with. Imma have to wait for a week or so maybe even a month so i can make friends that trust me and would let me stay for a while. Uggg life is so hard wait let me refraze that my life is so hard. I slide my dresser infront of my door just incase my father does come over. I changed into my PJ's and started to lay down. Then there was a nock at my window i looked only to see it was Derek.

" What do want Derek you shouldnt be my mom will kill me" I said opening the window 

"Thats why we have to be quiet beautiful, I thought it would be cool if we got to chill for a little bit we can have a picnic, come on it would be fun" Derek said happily 

" Sure why not i could use some thing to eat" i said agreeing 

" cool put your shoes on and lets go" He said putting my shoes on for me 

" Come on lets go" he pulled me and we jumped out the window 

" where we going" i said as we walked into thee woods 

" you'll see baby" he responded holding my hand tight


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