Chapter 2

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Unknown P..O.V

I laugh at Jarred and shake my head in a disbelieving manor, the things this guy came out with sometimes. I do wonder about him...

"Dude, you're so weird" I muttered through a chuckle and rub a hand over my stubbled jaw.

We pass a couple more streets, heading back to the pack house after a stiff atmospheric meeting when I get a churning, uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. My footsteps halter just slightly before coming to a complete stop as I glance around in unease, enough for Jarred to turn and ask me what's wrong but his voice was drowned out, as if I was in a fishbowl. My wolf is telling me something... What is it? Mate? It couldn't be! Taking a deep whiff of the air, my dark hues scan the area, feeling my hackles rise. A delicious scent hits me, almost knocking me off my feet, smelling of bubblegum with a hint of watermelon, my mouth watered and a shiver ran down my spine. Dear God, I wanted to just bottle that smell and have it forever.

My wolf began going mad, clawing at me to let him out so he could run to her like a damned love sick pup with his tail between his legs. Ah hell, who am I kidding? I wanted to join him.

A few steps in a few directions and I listened intently, all of my senses working to find her. Then I could hear faint whimpering, making my knees weaken and my chest heavy like Iron sat atop it. I didn't think twice before taking off down the street like a bolt of lightning, puddles kicking up behind me, a little too fast for it to pass as human but I couldn't care in that moment, leaving my stunned friend in search for her.

I follow her unforgettable scent and end up in a darkened alley, the stench of piss nearly overtaking the sweet scent... Nearly. There I found the most beautiful girl my eyes had ever laid upon being pinned by a dirty hobo, my figure shaking as I spot where his hands where... Where mine should be! How dare he touch her!? Maybe he was her boyfriend? Actually, It didn't seem likely.

"Mine" I growl, the vibration enough to make any wolf bow to their knees -the growl of an Alpha being a powerful thing in the werewolf world- and her beautiful blue eyes snap up to mine, reminding me of the deep ocean. They glaze over for a split second and then she slumps to the floor. Now was not the time for a nap sweetheart.

Acting quickly, I skid over to the human, swinging a punch at him, feeling something crack under my knuckles as he staggered back and into a trash can, a soft growl escaping my throat. He seemed to have a red mark there before I hit him, only adding to the puzzle of this first encounter for me and her. What will we tell our children?

The human staggered up, leaning on the wall for support as I cast a disinterested glance in his direction. Oh he will die, but now before I see to my mate

"She deserves it! Like all the others!" Okay maybe it couldn't wait...

I turn away from the lifeless body, wiping a speck of blood from my cheek and face my mate. Reaching down, my hands slid along her waist, keeping a firm but gentle grip on her as I lift her soft, curvy body up and into my arms securely, keeping her tight to my chest, jogging back to my Beta.

As we approach, his head turns to behold the sight of me, panting and shaking and then the unconscious girl in my arms.

"Alpha, what is this?" He furrowed his eyebrows as he hurried over.

"Is she okay? Who did this? Who is she?" Jarred, my Beta rambled in confusion.

"She's fine, it's dealt with. Go back to the pack house" I order and take off to my house under the dark, dreary sky, feeling complete with the ray of light in my arms.


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