Chapter 4

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A happy world

A happy life

A bad middle part…

Chapter 4


Sorami’s POV

   Yo~ I am Sorami, I am currently 13, I live in a peaceful house with some busy parents that are never home. I don’t usually have any friends because my appearance since I only have one eye. This year I moved to a new huge school, I met good people there and be friend with 2 girls, one is a white haired that got mixed with lots of colors: Ari, she always have her red rabbit hoddie with her, I don’t know why but I bet she have her own reason to do that; the other one is a cat that have hair that got pink and green on it, her name is Momo, this girl doesn’t seem to like me much but I think she have her own reason. We met for about 3 weeks, it was a really great time, we got really close to each other, and as we got closer, I started to realize there is a lot of things that those girls are in common. Even though Ari is a rabbit (or at least  I think she is), I still believe that someone I got the feeling that she is a cat, since she likes to eat fish, she got distracted when there is a ball jumping around, she loves milk, she likes to chasing after mice and scared of dogs and not all rabbits are like that cuz those are cats stuff! And she also know how to climb a tree, her “meow” are fricking cute and real and everything, she is just so much of a cat! But I can’t really say it know since I have no prove but I believe that I thoughts are right!

  Anyway, today was a normal day, I woke up really early, get off my bed, receive my lunch from maid robots (or cyborg) and off to… Ari’s house! It’s a race between me and Momo, whoever get to Ari’s house and sared her to dead in the morning first wins and the price is… GETS ARI FOR THE WHOLE DAY~ though we always got a draw  but it’s worth playing since Ari is so fun to play with! (or mess with >:3. As I was in front of Ari’s house, Momo also arrived at that moment, we dash into Ari’s room and yelled: “BOO!”, a big “AAAAAA!” got out of Ari’ s mouth and as she starts trying to get air into herself again. She jumped on her. She sighed and say: “Do you annoying people like to do this everyday that much?”, we answered: “YES!” in the same time, she sighed and push us of her back and say: “Alright, now I’ll get dress and you both get up and we all get down, got it? So wait here”. She get into the bathroom, as we waited, Momo said: “I got into the door first so I win!”, I replied: “But I shouted out first and louder so I win!”, she replied: “No! I win!”, I replied: “No! I win!” and we start having an argument. As we was arguing, a voice of Ari’s step sister –Yomi-san appear from downstairs: “Stop being so loud! The neighbors will be annoyed! Keep it down okay? And get down here to have breakfast already!”, as we yelled out “yes”, ari also slam the bathroom door and said yes in the same time as us. As we ran down and wait for Ari to get her lunch, we dash in school. In the way, I saw a shadow of someone following us, I asked them: “hey, did you guys see someone?”, they shook their head, I thought it was my illusion so I just ignore and keep walking but then when I look at my clock, it was late! (for me) I told them: “I have a meeting of staff in class today so I have to be little bit earlier than you guys so catch you later!”, they nodded and I dash into school.

  After the meeting, I came to meet the girls but suddenly I bumped into the principal, I got up fast and said sorry, as I look up at the principal, she look worry, I wondered what’s happened so I asked: “Did something happened?”, she nodded: “My ste.. I mean one of the  student in my school is gone!”, I was shcked: “who is it that is gone?!”, she answered: “Momo! Ari was with her but during walking, something happened to Momo and Ari ran here saying she lost track of Momo! I am so panic right now! If something happened to that girl, I don’t know what will I do!”. I tried to calm her down and said everything will be fine but this is in sane! Momo is missing and even Ari – the one who was with her don’t know where she is… That really does worth panicking… As I arrive where Ari is, I was shocked once again, Ari look pathetic, she look scared and worried and panicking in the same time, she was also bleeding, her clothes look like knife got something sharp cu through, I ran over at her and asked what’s wrong, she said: “As we were walking, a group of people appeared, they started fighting with me, I lose.. I think they got Momo!” – she said while coughing and try to catch her breath, then she continued when people asked what’s next: “I woke up, seeing blood of mine everywhere so I tried my best to run to the school…” she is still coughing and catching her breath. Then suddenly, the principal got a call. “Is Momo’s number…” – she said. Ari replied: “Answer it while make the sound loud so we can hear. Everyone else shut up while she is talking to them!”. Everyone got quiet, the principal pick up the phone. The voice in the phone was a man, he said: “Come to the old basement in____ street at 4:00 AM tomorrow with 3.000.000 Yen with you and don’t you dare call the cops or she’ll die!”. Everyone was shocked but no one dare to make a sound, the principal replied with: “I got it” and hang up. They sent a picture to her phone, a picture of Momo being tied up and all beat up. Everyone was shocked, and this time, they shouted her name… today, was a mess – said Ari, she is right… today is a big mess…

You are lost

In this world

Is hard to find

Where are you?

To Be Continue…

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