Chapter Eight

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Gabby could see what was meant by "worst possible condition" when she watched Alex try and carry on with daily activities. He was unable to pop the top off of his own beer let alone know that it was indeed a beer he had in his hands. The delerious rock star waddled toward Gabby holding a bottle of ale between them.

"Will you open my apple juice?" He asked frustratedly.

"Alex, it's ale." She began to say before Jack stopped her.

"Long story short, we're lucky Alex is even alive. Just run with what he says because Caleb's afraid if we elevate his blood pressure or heart rate too much, he could go into a coma."

"The poor dude took a nasty fall when Kyle saved his life." Jonathan said, getting ready to pat Kyle on the back and realizing what a horrible idea it was.

"We found Pat hanging from the ceiling fan of a penthouse in Alberta. When we decided to call the mission off, the fucker came back to life and managed to collapse the whole building." Austin informed her.

"Why is no one opening my God damn apple juice?" Alex demanded to know.

"In a minute, please." Gabby told him.

"We believe Pat was possessed up until his time of true death. Now his demon is out there somewhere."

"Or in here with us." Pat Kirch shrugged.

Just as the words left his mouth, Alex let the bottle drop from his hands and rolled under the table. "Oops! Let me get that."

Taking a step forward, he bent down only to slam his head into the tabletop. Unsure of how to deal with the new version of Alex, Gabby went into the studio where most of the others were exchanging information and casting side eyes in Brendon's direction. Jack caught her arm as she stepped into the conversation.

"Can I see him?" He asked sadly.

Gabby's stomach sank. Not even she had seen their son since he first became possessed. She gulped, mustered up the courage, and led him up the stairs. Seeing the door still wide open, she wanted to turn around and run, but Jack passed her on the stairs and stood in the doorway. When she reached him, standing just out of dodge, she watched his face fall and his hand creep up to his mouth.

"Our son..." he croaked.

Gabby held her breath and decided to sneak a peak. When she put her head around the door frame, she understood Jack's reaction. Tony was limp on the bed, eyes closed, face covered in blood. His clothing was torn to shreds, and his one bare arm had a bite mark so big and so deep that she immediately knew it was the source of the blood.

Jack shook his head, waiting for the sobs to stay down in his throat. "I'm going in."

"Bad idea." Gabby spat quickly. "He isnt himself."

"He looks like my son, he's still my son." Jack said certainly.

She didnt try and stop him, but her gut said that the worst possible things were about to happen.Jack walked slowly like he was approaching a wild animal. When he was standing by Tony's side, he sighed softly and reached out to stroke Tony's pale and sunken cheek.

Like a scene from a horror movie, Tony's eyes shot open revealing their bloodshot properties. Jack stumbled backward, but made no move to flee the room. Instead, he stood firm. "I command you to leave my son!"

Tony gave a menacing glare accompanied by a sickening grin. "You and what army?"

A threatening hiss escaped between his red stained teeth as he slowly rose up from the bed. This sudden levitation is what sent Jack soaring from the room. He barrelled into Gabby's arms, panting to keep from screaming. "What do we do? Our son is clearly a freak!"

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